• Community Classic Cover: Osoch - Discord (Covering Eurobeat Brony & The Living Tombstone) [Metal]

    Oh, another meme. ...Is what you'd be tempted to think, but you're actually half wrong, half right! The thing is, too much meme-ing can get you to have enough and want to give one last all-out token of appreciation to the one song that everyone remembers and that has been on your mind for an unhealthy amount of time... And it can actually turn into something quite awesome, as is proven here by Osoch who delivers some tasty Metal with this fresh cover of THE classic! Despite the questionable shenanigans in the visuals all throughout the video, the blissful riffs and solos of love will please the metalhead in you, and it won't be long til you'll be joining Osoch in the madness. A stunning and very enjoyable cover indeed!