• Random Merch: Unicorn Macaroni and Cheese, Knockoff Legos, Pillows, and More!

    Yep, even Kraft is making unicorns with anime eyes now days.

    We've got more random merch for you all, starring everything from pinatas to knockoffs and some other brands gettin on the unicorn train.

    As always, if you spot merchandise either online or at stores, be sure to send an email to [email protected] with it and Merchandise as the email subject with your name for credit. Otherwise we just default to the email name.

    Anyway, get it all below!

    Pony Pillows

    From: Spotlight
    Found By: Night Star

    Popping Candy

    From: China
    Found By: Frederick

    Body Wash

    From: Macau
    Found By: Frederick

    Pony Clothing

    From: China
    Found By: Frederick

    Finders Keeper Pony Egg Set

    From: Sheetz
    Found By:MuddyMallow03

    Birthday Cards

    From: Giant
    Found By: Allenix

    Pony Knockoff Legos

    From: Minsk, Belarus
    Found By: Глеб

    Beauty Horse

    From: Finland Flea Markets
    Found By: Imperial Pint / Antii Remes

    Pinkie Pie Pinata

    From: Zurchers
    Found By: Angel

    Dash Flouride

    From: Kalecgos
    Found By: Walmart

    Kraft Unicorn Shapes Macaroni and Cheese

    From: Grocery Stores
    Found By: Christian