• Incredibly Deep Pony Tributes Album: TCB & Ditherer - The Closet Anthology [Hip Hop]

    Everypony, this is something that you wanna check out. Pony rapper Ditherer teamed up with TCB on the beat to make a new album full of some of the deepest, most meaningful, thoughtful and emotional pony tributes around. Themed around either a specific character or the events of a specific episode, each of the tracks dive into so much character depth and emotion, expressed amazingly and with much heart by Ditherer's thoughtful lyrics and honest rapping, and backed up by emotional and gorgeous instrumentals by TCB, an active pony musician known for his emotional pony tracks and unique creative vision.

    There's so much stunning work and lovely feelings toward ponies to explore in this album, so much musical wonders to appreciate, and so much to relate to. Some of the tracks are just so stunning and emotional that they made me tear up... I could praise this album and these musicians for hours, and I hope that you could like what they created as much as I do. You can listen to all the songs from Ditherer's YouTube channel as they've all been uploaded there along their lyrics in their descriptions, and you can download the whole batch of songs from Ditherer's Bandcamp. Saying that it's a gold mine would be an understatement... This is a stunning collection of pony thoughts and love poured into many hours of work and released as an album of stellar tracks... And I appreciate it beyond words!

    The album on Bandcamp
    All individual songs on Ditherer's channel

    Here are some of my favorites from the album. In my opinion they are so good that they each deserve a solo post, and I'll get on that if the schedule permits it.

    Schism of Years is probably the deepest song about Celestia vs Nightmare Moon ever made. At least that's the impression I have when I listen to this song unfold and read all those deep and thoughtful lyrics, full of the emotion that Luna had then. Read my comment on the video for more details if you want. I hope that you'll love it as much as I did!

    Schism of Years

    In Loco Parentis tells Ditherer's interpretation of Trixie's past, as you will be able to guess from the lyrics and vocal chops, both so emotional. What the duo did with Trixie's character depth here is commendable beyond words and this headcanon of Trixie's fatherly figure is as impactful and rich as it gets. Also notice what Ditherer did with the teacup in the video!

    In Loco Parentis

    The Teacher's Story is about Cheerilee and expresses so much of her character depth and story, as envisioned by Ditherer. All of the lyrics are so incredibly well-thought and making such clever and lovely references, you can't help but be amazed. And TCB made such an incredibly emotional backing track as well, with strings and his musical vision that never fail to hit home.

    The Teacher's Story

    ...And that's just 3 of the 15 tracks on the album!! I'm sure you will find your favorites as well!