• A Brony's School of Friendship Music: The Shake Ups In Ponyville - Graduation Day [Power Pop]

    The pony music afficionados know all about it, The Shake Ups are a pony band that rocks! With glitter, rainbows, a good amount of the magic of Friendship and a dash of electric guitar solos, the band is known for mellow yet rocking tributes to MLP, and this one focuses on what we've learned for all those years, and how we'll never stop spreading the values from the show to make this world a better world! It's part of a tour-exclusive CD and I sure am dreaming of attending one of the gigs from all these lovely cosplay-wearing band members! Their other albums are available as physical CDs here and I recommend them, such as the awesome Ponymania and Rock Candy to name a few! Also heads-up for those attending Chicagoland's Whinny City Pony Con on April 5-7, The Shake Ups will perform the evening of Saturday the 6th and the morning of Sunday the 7th, more details here!