• Gameloft MLP Game Releases New Update With Story Quests Unlocking Soon

    The Gameloft pony game has a brand new update out that adds the following:

    • Father Knows Beast Story
    • Cutie Re-Mark Story
    • Other reality ponies from the MLP comics. 

    Get some screeencaps below showing it off! Plus the full notes.

    What’s New
    Mar 28, 2019

    Version 5.1.0

    Ever wonder what would have happened if the past had unfolded differently? Find out in these two Limited-Time Stories, straight from season 8 and season 5 of the show!

    FATHER KNOWS BEAST: A strange dragon just landed in Ponyville! But is it really Spike’s dad? Or is our purple friend about to get burned?

    THE CUTIE RE-MARK: Take a journey through time, and see what versions of Equestria could have been had the Mane Six never met!

    WORLDS FULL OF FRIENDS: Welcome Lunaverse Rainbow Dash, Lunaverse Rarity and many more friends from other realities and our own! Also, Princess Eris, Disguised Celestia, Braid-Maned Schoolpony, Periwinkle Townspony, and Blush-Pink Townspony can’t wait to celebrate the magic of friendship with you!

    Download the update, and your Ponyville’s future is sure to be bright!

    Thanks to Kalecgos and Julio for the images.