• New 2D Shooter Pony Game Appears on Steam - D'LIRIUM: The Golden Rogue

    Pony Gaming continues with another one popping up on Steam going by the name of D'LIRIUM: The Golden Rogue. It's a 2D shooter based on the older one, or more specifically a prequel.


    In the museum of one little-known town a truly ancient treasure is stored - the golden easter eggs. Two thiefs want to steal them in order to make an incredible Easter present for their friends. They're used to stealing from the ordinary houses or pickpocketing, but this thing is going to be the grandest robery of their lives.

    The Golden Rogue is an experimental shooter full of the silly jokes, satire and violence. The game is a prequel for D'LIRIUM, an action game with the horror elements, and develops some of the original game's mechanics, adding the new features, the diverse levels, the new enemies and a silly plot, which tries to come off as serious.  

    Watch the gameplay video below.