• Applejack Day - 40+ Fanfics to Read!

    AJ is over here knocking trees down for paper. Hopefully you appreciate it now that you can read all her fanfics.

    Another compilation of 40 or so from Whisper Key. head on down below the break for awesome apple readings!

    Slice of Life

    A Familiar Feeling by Poptard


    After months of pleasant dating, it's time for the inevitable meeting of the family. For Sugar Belle, it should be easy as cake. She's already met three of the Apple Family members, after all. She only has one more to win over.

    It's more complicated than that, she finds.

    Work and Play by Impossible Numbers


    When they were fillies, Applejack was a lone farmer and Pinkie Pie was a party animal, and that was the unlikely beginning of a rocky but fruitful friendship. Yet as both ponies will soon discover, there's a little play in the work and a little work in the play.

    Earth Ponies are Overpowered by Maran


    Twilight Sparkle is an expert in unicorn magic, but earth pony magic remains a mystery to her. The books in her library have very little information about the earth tribe's abilities, other than their famous strength. Twilight is determined to uncover their secrets.

    What she learns will change her life.

    And it just might change Applejack's life as well.

    Apple Sprout by LiterarySerenity


    Applejack has a brief conversation with Discord concerning apples and natural growth.

    Under a Tree by Noble Thought


    Applejack tells Fluttershy about the great oak tree atop a hill on the farm. It was the first one she ever planted, y'see. That doesn't have anything to do with why Granny Smith is in the hospital, and why Applejack isn't there.

    Nope. Not at all.

    Groundbreaking by AugieDog


    A week after moving into her new castle, Twilight's still sighing. But when she sees Applejack and Granny Smith at the site of the former library tree, she learns that there's still some magic in Equestria she's unfamiliar with. It's an earth pony town, after all, and tall oaks from little acorns grow.

    The Great Equestrian Staring Contest by PegasusMesa


    Applejack and Rainbow Dash have competed against each other for months in an attempt to claim the role of Ponyville's Iron Mare. However, try as they might, neither can grasp the elusive title, and the resulting arguments have achieved a new level of annoying. In a fit of desperate irritation, Twilight Sparkle decides that one last contest is in order to resolve the conflict once and for all.

    Can our heroes survive the deadly hurdles designed for them by their irate friend? Will either Rainbow or Applejack finally realize her dream of becoming the Iron Mare? And, most importantly of all, who is truly the best pony? Two of these three questions will be answered, in... The Great Equestrian Staring Contest!

    The Furthest From the Tree by Grand_Moff_Pony


    They say that the apple never falls far from the tree. As the only member of the Apple family to forsake the family's agrarian ways, however, Applejack is perhaps the lone exception to that rule. Instead of returning to Ponyville, Applejack found her calling in the bright lights of Manehattan, and has called it home ever since.

    She may be an Apple by blood, but she is about as far away from the tree as she can get. And she likes it that way.

    Forecast by Jondor


    Ponyville's weather is never quite the same without Rainbow Dash at the helm.

    When a week of bad weather frays the nerves of Ponyville's farmers, they'll go to dubious lengths to stop one of their own from winning the heart of Rainbow Dash, and hogging all the good weather in the process.

    A Zebra in the Bed by Pen Stroke


    After a long day in the fields, Applejack only wants to be able to eat her dinner and go to bed. The only problem, it's already occupied by a very ill Zecora. The Apples are famous for their hospitality, but when does Applejack have to draw the line?

    A Special Blankie by Yip


    Applejack left her childhood blanket in Appleloosa with Bloomberg, choosing to keep the memories rather than the physical object. She winds back up with it, although not on terms she would have liked.

    When The Field Becomes Fallow by chief maximus


    The name's Applejack. Canterlot, the capital of our kingdom was beset by a plague of changelings durin' a weddin'. Had it not been for Cadence and Shining sendin' them packin', we might all be changelings by now. Not long after, Princess Celestia ordered a stallion from every house to enlist for the counterattack against them. He served his kingdom, as did countless other colts, and he came back without a scratch on him. Or, so Ah thought...

    Sun Princess by Skywriter


    In the final days of her life, an exceptionally faithful student muses on the subject of her perfect and immortal mentor Applejack.


    NightmareJack by zaponator


    Applejack is chosen as The Nightmare's new host.

    It really isn't that big of a deal. Until it is.

    Applejack is Full of Squirrels by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Most of the time, Applejack is honest. A lot of times, she's a dependable pony.

    Then, sometimes, she's full of militant squirrels piloting her in a war with the Chipmunk Confederacy over a sacred acorn.

    Do That Again by Bad Horse


    The day after Hearth's Warming, Snowfall Frost thinks back to her encounter with Applejack and decides that maybe she hasn't learned her lesson, not entirely. Maybe she needs a refresher.

    It's time to put the romance back in necromancy.

    May The Force Be With Y'All by Your Antagonist


    While cleaning up after a particularly hectic Cutie Mark Crusader sleepover, Rarity and Applejack stumble across a couple of toy lightsabers. Havoc ensues.

    ...And Borrowing Dulls The Edge Of Husbandry by Softy8088


    After a recent cluster of calamities cursing her farm, Applejack's livelihood stands on the brink of financial ruin. Desperate, she asks Twilight Sparkle for a loan to keep Sweet Apple Acres running.

    But when Twilight's unexpected answer inadvertently causes the two mares to butt heads, the stalemate threatens not only Ponyville's food supply but also their friendship.

    With the two obstinate mares sticking to their principles come Tartarus or tidal surges, can Pinkie Pie bridge their ideological gap and save Applejack's farm?

    Pick Me Up At Seven by Jondor


    “Hey RD! Come pick me up at the ’Acres at seven. We’re goin’ on a date tonight.”


    Applejack seems determined, Rainbow Dash tries to catch up.

    In Quintuple Time by HoofBitingActionOverload


    Applejack steps out of her barn to discover that her home is gone, and the entirety of Sweet Apple Acres has been transformed into a beach. Meanwhile, Rainbow Dash is opening up a juice bar on her front lawn, Pinkie Pie's dancing the hula, and Big McIntosh is getting his groove on. And she soon realizes that her troubles have only just begun.

    Applejack is Allergic to Apples by Arakos


    Applejack develops an allergy she never expected to have to deal with, and it could bring shame onto her whole family. She has to cure it, at all costs.

    Applejack's Tax Relief Plan by Seether00


    Applejack gets an unwelcome visit from the Equestrian Revenue Service. Handed a large tax bill and limited time to pay, Applejack comes up with a creative use of the farm's biggest asset.

    No, not the apple trees.

    Why Big Macintosh of course.

    Can Big Mac save Apple Bloom's college fund?

    Read and find out.

    I Do by kits


    When Applejack and Rainbow Dash wake up, hungover and in the same bed, they've only one question: how can we get even? A day spent tormenting their friends by turning one of their hopes on its ear pays off, but not quite in the way anypony expected.

    Striped Like Me by Fernin


    Zecora is coming to market today

    So Applejack tells Apple Bloom, stay away!

    When the filly tries anyway, she's quite quickly caught

    And AJ sends her right back home at a trot.

    Though I have the actual plot line derailed,

    We'll push right on through with an alternate tale

    Of how Applejack learns about stripes, fur, and skin--

    And how little they're worth next to what lies within.

    So sit yourself down please, and read to the end

    About how an earth pony got her zebra friend.

    It's not all in rhyme, though; don't give in to gloom

    But after this dear God I am not putting two zebra characters in a room together because GOOD LORD SO MUCH RHYMING; WHAT WAS I THINKING AAAAAHHHH! Er, I mean...

    But new personal rule: JUST ONE ZEBRA PER ROOM.

    App. Jack by shortskirtsandexplosions


    Do you need to know what texture an apple's skin has to be in order to be sure that it's ripe? There's an app. for that! Ever wondered how many apples it would take to fill the cement foundation of a skating rink? There's an app. for that too! Ever felt like having an adoracute hologram with orange freckles that you could summon at any moment to chat with you in a charming country accent? Well...

    When Twilight Sparkle donates a bunch of crystalline "smart-watches" to the citizens of Ponyville, she unwittingly includes a free download of a holographic Applejack with each prototype. Now the entire town is enamored with utilizing their helpful little neighborhood apple pony. The only thing is... would the real Applejack approve of all this?


    Roaming by Skywriter


    Clementine Apple (née Orange) receives an extremely long-distance phone call. Equestria Girls-based content.

    Into the Other by President Dead


    “Applejack,” Fluttershy croaks weakly. “Applejack, it’s me. Please open the door. It’s Fluttershy. Please. I need your help.

    …There’s something in my throat.”

    Sonata's Hunger by GrassAndClouds2


    Sirens eat by channeling magical energy through their gems.

    The Rainbooms broke the Dazzlings' gems.

    ...well, who needs food, anyways?

    The Sunset Room by Foxy E


    Before she left, Twilight told Applejack not to open the door. But when leaving the door shut means compromising her values, how long can Applejack hold out?

    Home by RBDash47


    As Hearth's Warming nears, Applejack celebrates in her own private way.

    Sugar, Cubed by BlazzingInferno


    Applejack’s talents extend far beyond her family’s namesake crop, and until now she’s been content to keep that a secret. Whoever heard of a farmer that used advanced math, anyway? Today that’s going to change. Today she’s showing the world the other fruit of her labors, no matter how much it hurts to remember planting the seeds.

    Another Day by wYvern


    A life lived, and a lifetime worth of memories. But time drags on, and this place... I don't know. I don't know what I'm still doing here.

    Taking Care of Animals by Nicknack


    Howdy there.

    Name's Applejack, and I like to consider myself a simple mare. I had a job on a rock farm, and before that, I was a simple dress-maker. I ain't bein' humble, but those days, nothin' too out of the ordinary really happened to me.

    Then I met Earth Pony. She came out of the blue, but she was the sort of pony who could drag you along on anythin'. Lucky for me, I wanted to go, least at first. After that... well, I'll let you read those parts.

    All But Two by Caisius


    The Apple family reunion has come and gone once again, but not without plenty of new stories to pass on, and memories to cherish forever. However, when Granny Smith praises Applejack for her efforts that day, a memory that the farm mare had tucked away resurfaces to haunt her.

    At some point, everypony has to face the truth, no matter how much it hurts to do so. For Applejack, it's the fact that not everypony had been at the reunion that day. All but two had been there. All but two...

    The Asassination of Braeburn by the Coward Dirty Rich by DawnFade


    Applejack recounts the events surrounding her cousin's death to an interested stranger over a bottle of hard cider.

    A short tale of unspoken retribution, wild-west style.

    Family & Friends by Raefire


    There comes a time where we all must let go. But never will we forget.

    Core of the Apple by Outlaw Quadrant


    Losing a family member is never easy but Applejack makes it look like it. However, her friends and family can see through the facade and it takes something special for the cow pony to open up.

    D-I-V-O-R-C-E by SanityLost


    Rainbow Dash and Applejack have been married for four years, they adopted a foal, a red pegasus named Reddawn, and settled down on the farm. However, all is not well. Rainbow Dash's demanding career as a Wonderbolt is threatening to tear the family asunder. Will Rainbow Dash choose to continue her career as a Wonderbolt, or choose to give up her career to stay in Ponyville with her family?

    Let Me Tell You About The Hole In My Face by Slavoj Zizek


    Applejack tells you her only secret.

    It is about a hole.

    The breathing, living hole in her face.

    Death Of Mother Nature Suite by Cynewulf


    Applejack wanders a dying land.

    Applejack also celebrates a string of good years thanks to mechanization and expansion as Ponyville grows.

    They dream of each other.

    Hold by Chaotic Dreams


    An ordinary day at Sweet Apple Acres turns dour when Applejack begins to see things that can't possibly be real. Thankfully, she can always turn to her parents for help... Unless, somehow, her parents are causing the problem?

    Sweet Apple Acres: For Sale By Owner by Velvet_Divan


    Applejack has tried everything she can think of to turn things around at Sweet Apple Acres, but every month brings disappointing sales and further expenses. She feels the weight of responsibility for the farm and its imminent failure bearing down on her harder every day, and every failed attempt to fix things drives her deeper into depression. What happens when the element of honesty hides her true feelings from her friends, believing they won't understand? What will happen to the Apples, and the town itself when the iconic orchard's gates close?

    The Book Of Ended Lives by Loganberry


    I'm Last Account. For quite a while now, I've been the Keeper of the Book of Ended Lives here in Ponyville Town Hall, and it can be hard work – especially when Fluttershy visits the office. This afternoon, though, it's Applejack. She's here to tell me about the timberwolf she killed earlier. To start with.

    The Life You're Given by neutralmilk


    Following the most recent Apple Family Reunion, Applejack finds herself alone in her room with much on her mind. With the star-filled sky as her only witness, she finally has a chance to open up to the two most important ponies in her life: her parents.

    Crying on the Inside by Arwhale


    It’s true. Sometimes a tear’ll slip out… it’s bound to happen, sometimes… but for the most part, I cry on the inside.

    But right now, as I watch my friends weeping in a huddle together... I'm not crying.

    Not even on the inside.


    Yours Truly by Thanqol


    Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together.

    After all is said and done, and the ponies have gone their separate ways, the only way they have to keep in touch is through letters.

    Exactly Right by kits


    Rarity is hosting the annual Societé Fabrique soiree. Everything is going splendid thanks to some help from her friends. It's a bit boring, true. The social strictures of hosting tend to make for a rather dull night, but luckily for Rarity, she has Applejack to keep her company.

    Flapjacks by Baal Bunny


    Applejack realizes one morning that Rainbow Dash has apparently moved in with her. This discovery surprises Dash more than a little, too, and sets off a chain of events neither could have imagined.

    A Family Holiday by SaintChoc


    It's been four months since Applejack and Rainbow Dash began their relationship. Applejack's spending the holidays with Pinkie's family once again, leaving Rainbow in Ponyville—a decision that leaves them both unsure.

    A Delicate Balance by JapaneseTeeth


    What happens when you realize that your feelings for one of your friends aren't quite the same as your feelings for the rest of them? Do you just prefer some friends for others, or is it a sign of something deeper? What do you do with those feelings? Hide them? Admit them? And how will the rest of your friends react when they find out?

    Twilight is going to have to do her best to find the answers, because they're anything but obvious.

    And The Stars Shine Forth by Archonix


    Before her descent into madness and her rebellion as Nightmare Moon, Luna lived entire lifetimes as a mortal and traveller amongst the ponies of Equestria.

    Restored to her true self, Luna knows she must return to her cyclic life to remain whole. As preparation she chooses to reacquaint herself with the lives of her subjects in this modern age, and in the guise of Sable Moonshine, unicorn scholar and distant friend of Twilight Sparkle, she travels to Ponyville to spend time with Twilight's companions. Despite the 'exciting' month of astronomical observation and scientific research planned by Twilight, Luna nevertheless finds time to work a day at Sweet Apple Acres. And then another.

    And another.

    Applejack, meanwhile, is pleasantly surprised by Sable's dedication and enthusiasm for hard work. She's less pleasantly surprised by Sable's enthusiasm for Applejack.

    The Ocean by Bad_Seed_72


    The wise and mysterious "They" have a couple of sayings about love.

    Love isn't always on time.

    Love hurts.

    And distance makes the heart grow fonder.

    "They" are wise for a reason. Applejack and Rarity know this all too well.

    When the two friends finally admit their deepest feelings for each other, it couldn't have come at a worse possible time. With Rarity moving to Canterlot in less than a month, can their new relationship survive the distance? Or will it be too much for Applejack to endure?

    When They Found Common Ground by Craine


    What could a smug, arrogant, disrespectful, inconsiderate, country-town farmpony possibly have to offer a seamstress down on her luck? Migraines, premature wrinkles, a revolutionary new fashion line, and a burning attraction that they'd both deny until the moon crashed into Equestria. That's what.

    Taken for Granite by Cloudy Skies


    If you ask Applejack, she’ll tell you Pinkie Pie can be a few apples short of a bushel even on the best of days. They’ve always been good friends, but nothing more than that. After all, what could a hard-working apple farmer and a sugar-crazed party pony possibly have in common?

    As it turns out, the answer to that question may not be a pleasant one, but something good may yet come of it.

    Grounded by Whiteout


    When Rainbow Dash manages to hurt herself trying a new trick, a certain farmpony takes the chance to teach her that a little time off isn't always a bad thing.

    An Apple Flavored Dessert by ugugg93


    It started out with Pinkie Pie trying to make the perfect dessert with Applejack. It ended with the most complicated sort of situation a mare could have with her friend.

    Treating Her Right by Rated Ponystar


    Applejack has always had a secret dream, one that some ponies would find strange for the tomboyish farmer. She's always wanted somepony to treat her to a special romantic night, while being treated like a real lady. Turns out all she had to do was have a certain rainbow-maned pegasus catch her in a dress. Such an awkward moment will lead them to a night neither will ever forget.

    Ponies and Throwing Knives by HoofBitingActionOverload


    Rainbow Dash closed her eyes, trying to think about anything but the straps that bound her to the wooden board. She cracked one eye open just enough to see Applejack, smiling mouth full of the knives that would soon be racing though the air towards her. The things some ponies will do for love...

    Stubborn as Ponies by Esle Ynopemos


    A pony is called stubborn when they refuse to change their mind no matter the persuasion against them. A pony is called persistent in hindsight when their refusal turns out to be a wise decision. "Persistence" is nothing more than what they call stubbornness when it turns out to have been for the best all along.

    Pinkie Pie and Applejack may or may not be persistent, but they are most definitely stubborn.

    Fighting Feelings by TAW


    Rainbow Dash doesn't care for love. Applejack doesn't have time.

    So when a simple game goes wrong, then Dash's favourite fictional heroine's latest tale takes a turn for the romantic, why does she suddenly find herself with a rose between her teeth?

    Merely a Mare by Ebon Mane


    Luna has returned to Equestria, but she is as cold and distant as the moon that held her captive. Celestia broods on her throne, regretting mistakes made and prices paid. Twilight Sparkle contemplates betrayal, and as her faith drains away, bitterness takes its place. And in the darkness, a relic of an ancient tragedy watches, his life consumed by greivances that he can neither remember nor forget. Betrayed and betrayers all, four ponies in need of a redemption that only one seeks. Will Honesty be enough to save them? Can one hoof, extended in trust and forgiveness, mend four wounded hearts?

    Confessions and Considerations by BronyNeumo


    In the wake of a fun performance turned dramatic, two mares weigh their feelings for one another. In a sea of internal doubt and external crisis, might two struggling souls meet and find happiness together?

    The Old Castle by Applejinx


    Twilight's trying to find out what makes earth ponies special, and her efforts start a chain of events that lead to Applejack and Rainbow Dash hooking up, and Applejack trying to be the iron pony to the point of seriously endangering herself.

    A Fact for Twilight by bookplayer


    Every scholar wants to discover a new fact, something true and constant that changes the way they see the world. For Twilight, that discovery might come from a place she never expected. . .


    Iron Rider Rangelkai by PresentPerfect


    One year ago, the parasites known as the Shinion came from the stars to Equestria. Unable to survive without a host, they attach to the back of a pony's head and drain the essence of their emotions, undetected even by their own host.

    All except one pony, that is.

    Applejack, as a former Bearer of Harmony, was too powerful and headstrong to succumb to the Shinion's influence. Instead, she twisted her parasite to her own will, combining its power with her own.

    Now she fights the marauding Shinion as Equestria's hero: the Iron Rider, Rangelkai! But even heroes have their weaknesses...

    An action-packed pastiche of the tokusatsu genre of Japanese entertainment, written to be accessible to those unfamiliar with kaiju, Kamen Rider, Ultraman, etc.

    Spectrum Of Gray by Novel-Idea


    Rainbow Dash and Applejack have cherished the years gone by at one another’s side, but beneath the wear of time, the fuel that is love can turn to ash and smother the flames they hold dear. Beyond the smoke rising from the cinders, they face an uncertain future. Now, they must come to terms with the harsh truth that, sometimes, love alone isn't enough to keep a marriage burning bright.

    Wet Feathers by bookplayer


    Applejack and Rainbow Dash knew this would be hard, but a long distance relationship was in their future from the start. A Wonderbolt and an apple farmer don't have a lot of time in the same place, so they do their best with letters and the occasional weekends. But when Applejack finds out that Rainbow Dash is on the cover of Flyers Illustrated: Wet Feathers Edition, it plays on a fear she never mentioned to Dash: Everypony knows that famous ponies are different from normal folks. . .

    I Didn't Sign Up For This by Cillerenda


    “I ain’t just a farmer anymore and you ain’t just a fashion designer anymore. Now we’ve got new titles.” She placed a hoof on her chest. “Element of Honesty...” -- she moved her hoof to Rarity -- “and Element of Generosity. Saviors of Equestria and whatnot.”

    When Applejack was a filly, she'd been told a hundred times by her parents that she was special. This... this isn't what she expected.


    The Irony of Applejack by Mister Friendly


    For most of Applejack's life, she didn't know what she was. True, she understood who she was well enough.

    But ponies don't change shapes, nor do they get strength from love.

    Applejack never thought too hard on it... until the events of a certain wedding brought about some harsh realizations.

    Now, with Equestria still reeling from the surprise attack, will Applejack manage to come to terms with what she is? Will she even be able to keep her secret safe?

    For if the royal guards don't get her first, the conspirators in the shadows just might...

    It's a Dangerous Business, Going Out Your Door by Jetfire2012


    Plowpony's Day- a day of peaceful rest and relaxation. Or it was, until Twilight Sparkle badly mangled a teleportation spell. It has left her with a bad case of Horn Rot, a disease that if untreated could prove fatal. What's more, the malady is advancing faster than the slow-brewing potion that cures it!

    There is one swifter cure: the Beneviolet, a star-shaped flower that grows in the distant Archback Mountains, far beyond the western borders of Equestria. Applejack, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity choose to undertake the long journey for the sake of their friend. Their path will wind through floes of ice, across gold-tinted plains, into distant forests glimmering with magic. They will learn much about the world beyond their homeland- and much about themselves, as well.

    Discontinuity by Baal Bunny


    When space-time breaks in a way it usually doesn't, Discord and Applejack end up racing through dimensions, trying to find a way back home. If home still exists...

    Earth Ponies Can Cast Spells Too by Paulicus


    Mysterious portals to a “First World” are appearing all around Equestria. Even worse, there are unknown creatures coming through! When it’s discovered that these creatures are immune to unicorn spells, Twilight comes up with a bold idea to harness earth pony magic to combat the menace. Applejack must take the first steps on a new path she never expected, which just might be the biggest challenge she’s faced yet.

    Saturday Night Slam Masters by Your Antagonist


    Sometimes a pony needs an outlet to vent their stress. Applejack's just happens to be masked combat sports.

    Forbidden Fruit by Vargras


    With Granny Smith's health in a slow decline, and Sweet Apple Acre sales also suffering, Applejack becomes despondent. Rumors of a mystical tree of life, bearing magic fruit, rekindle a flame within her, and she tackles the issue the only way she knows how - head-on.

    Above All Else by 8686


    Inspired by her favourite books, and keen to settle once and for all who's the fastest, bravest, overall best pony around here, Rainbow Dash challenges Applejack to a race full of perils and pitfalls. To the winner, the title of Most Awesome Pony. To the loser, defeat, shame and ignominity. But when the dangers start getting a little too real, they have to decide what's more important. Victory, or friendship.