• Applejack Day - Open Art Compilation

    All are welcome, all are posted! We've got AJ Day open art here, with a whopping 40+ submissions. Good on you guys for making her day special! Especially since we screwed up and accidently didn't give her as much time.

    Head on down below the break to check it out.

    [1] Source

    An Apple a Day by ShutterflyEQD

    [2] Source

    Happy Applejack Day! by Spottedlions

    [3] Source

    Hakan-jack - My oil makes everything better! by DON2602

    [4] Source

    Applejack as Hanzo Hattori by DON2602

    [5] Source

    Sleepy Apple Horse by Sweets-And-Giggles

    [6] Source

    Strawberry Apple by Paw-of-Darkness

    [7] Source

    AJ Day by saturdaymorningproj

    [8] Source

    My Little Carousel by BugABooStreak

    [9] Source

    Peacful Applejack by SummerGem31

    [10] Source

    May The Better Teacher Win by eagc7

    [11] Source

    Applejack Fan Art by astclair341

    [12] Source

    'Really?' - Applejackday 2018 by PadS33

    [13] Source

    Lassoo by YewDee

    [14] Source

    AppleJack as Gunzerker by ApulJack

    [15] Source

    Apple Horse Day by Dusthiel

    [16] Source

    Gubrak by jeglegator

    [17] Source

    F2U Applejack Pixel Avatar by 8-BitBrony

    [18] Source

    Apfel Pferd by TalonsofIceandFire

    [19] Source

    G3 Applejack by Metallic-Roselle

    [20] Source

    Mainly Apples by TexasUberAlles

    [21] Source

    Apple..sauce? by raribelle

    [22] Source

    by smurfettyblue

    [23] Source

    Applejack Day 2018 by Addelum

    [24] Source

    Golden Apple by HoodieFoxy

    [25] Source

    Queen Chrysalis meet fake AJ[Short Comic] by FancxyFox

    [26] Source

    Honesty by HoodieFoxy

    [27] Source

    Coco Pommel and Applejack - The Vintage Pone by thevintagepone

    [28] Source

    Applejack by shanedooleynumber5

    [29] Source

    A.J. by Renarde-Louve

    [30] Source

    Chibi Cutiemark | Applejack | Shaded by PickFairy

    [31] Source

    Rootin' Tootin' Beauty Cowgirl by CybertronianBrony

    [32] Source

    by spritepony

    [33] Source

    Apple Jack with Apple Jacks by SarAlieng

    [34] Source

    Grumpy Applejack And Anonfilly by LOCKHE4RT

    [35] Source

    by darksoulnay

    [36] Source

    Banana 'bleh' by xed3s

    [37] Source - Aaron

    [38] Source - Gorby

    [39] Source - Starsky

    [40] Source - Ben

    [41] Source - ScooterDoodles

    [43] Source

    A Quick Applejack Drawing for Applejack Day by daimando

    [45] Source

    Applejack by MirrorCrescent

    [46] Source

    Strumming and Relaxing by WritePillar