• "Cosmos" Was Revealed as a New MLP Villian at NYCC. What Do You Want Him to Be?

    Midnight Radiance cause she's cute and cosmic and totally unrelated

    If you missed Illustrious Q's coverage of the IDW Kids panel at New York Comic Con, we've got a new villian joining the pony universe in an upcoming book they will be publishing next year. Or more specifically from the description:

    Andy is co-writing this story with Katie Cook! Katie is returning to the comics for this Milstone!
    The villain is named Cosmos! This guy is an even bigger threat than Discord! He makes Discord look like Batman: TAS Harley Quinn when compared to the Joker.

    A more dangerous villain than Discord?  That could be just about anything.

    So, good fandom filled with good ideas, it's time to speculate. What do you want Cosmos to be? Is this character another unicorn gone wild? Or are we looking at a planet eating entity from a galaxy far-far away?