• Pony Community Soapbox #116 - Trixie's Wagon Attatchment, Rainbow Crash, Young Six Elements, and More!

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    • Why is Trixie so attached to her wagon?
    • Fizzypop Berrytwist as a Princess
    • Rainbow Dash Has To Crash
    • Would "Sounds of Silence" Without Kirin Work?
    • What are the Young Six's Represented Elements

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    Why is Trixie so attached to her wagon?
    By: FlareGun45

    This one's for my ol pal Seth! ;)

    After Road to Friendship, it would seem that Trixie is VERY compassionate about her wagon, and I mean VERY! So what made Trixie really love her wagon so much? Will the show get into that? Well it depends! In Grannies Gone Wild, you remember Jack Pot? One of the magicians? Turns out he IS Trixie's dad, but the writers seemed to hint that neither of them really know that, like a one night stand thing with Trixie's mom.

    This leads me to the wagon theory - now I think this wagon actually used to belong Jack Pot before he decided to stay in Flam and Flim's casino, and since Trixie never even met her dad, she might have some issues with that, and so the wagon is actually the only thing Trixie has that represents her dad! Will Trixie ever meet Jack Pot and realize that he's her dad? Perhaps! That'd be an interesting episode, and Starlight would be GREAT support for Trixie, since she too has some daddy issues! :3 The wagon could be very valuable in that case as well, since Hoo'Far seemed to go extreme lengths to buy it off Trixie!

    Fizzypop Berrytwist as a Princess
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    The book “Stormy Road to Canterlot” makes many mentions of Tempest/ Fizzy having dreams of being a Princess- and while yet another purple pony Princess isn’t needed in Equestria, I believe she’d make a really good one. Here’s why- unlike some certain other pony Princesses, Fizzy is a valuable asset. She was able to storm the capital and fell 3 Princesses in minutes- in the midst of chaos, no less (although they were pretty much stationary targets, which made it easier for her than a moving target would be (sans Luna)). She’s physically strong, a skilled combatant, quick reflexes, has attention to detail, military experience in the Storm King’s forces and as his (ex)second-in-command, is ridiculously powerful in magic, even without her horn (as she was able to stave off an offensive use of the combined power of 4 Princesses through the Staff of Sacanas), and now knows the virtues of friendship.

    Rainbow Dash Has To Crash
    By: Tadashi Satoru (FirePuppy)

    After seeing Season 8, there’s one character I can no longer stand anymore, based purely on her behavior and attitude: the Amy Rose of My Little Pony — Rainbow Dash. Since at least Season 6, she has been a disrespect to her Element of Loyalty. Lately, she’s been pranking on her friends, refusing to eat Pinkie Pie’s pies, arguing with Applejack over who should be Teacher of the Month, and accusing Rarity of not caring about the things she likes and vice versa. Personally, I think Rainbow Dash, overall, is nowadays a big, annoying, obsessive stalker — well, most of the time.

    To make matters even worse, she always keeps getting three or more episodes every season, a majority of her most recent ones negatively criticized by most Bronies. That is why for the final season, I really hope the writers will only give her a maximum of two episodes, both of them without this continuous behavior of hers. I mean, if I was a writer, I wouldn’t even give her one fricking episode. In fact, out of all the main characters, I want to see her the least in this final season, about the same as Season 8’s Pinkie Pie.

    Would "Sounds of Silence" Without Kirin Work?

    For example, imagine if the society in the episode were unicorns instead of kirin. The reaction to anger wouldn‘t be a physical transformation, but something else magic-involved. Would the plot, the message, and the comedy still work? Probably.

    Raising this question on myself, I see the weak link of both, kirin and the episode. At the end, the issue is resolved and instead of showing us in what way the kirin are unique, the kirin society shows no difference opposed to ponies‘ society. With the anger problems being handled, kirin has basically become ponies at the resolution.

    Making a specie that is unique is some 101 world building. The episode fails at this aspect horifically, because if you can‘t make the new kind different significantly enough, why even use it? When you look at the other species in the MLP world, they all have very clear special features – both, physical and mental. For most you can tell just by the condition of the lands they live in, whereas kirin have none of that.

    This is the main issue with the kirin: Despite their awesome design, their kind lacks originality.

    What are the Young Six's Represented Elements
    by ShadowWriter45

    After the events of What Lies Beaneth, it's safe to say that the Young Six can weild the elements of Harmony or at least are connected with the Tree of Harmony. The Question is what traits do each of them represent? Their fear test didn't exactly identify what their elements are but we can guess them based on their personalities. While they can have their own traits, I would still use the ones that the Mane 6 and the Pillars have since they already exist.

    The easiest ones to identify are Sandbar, Silverstream, and Yona with each wielding Loyalty, Laughter, and Strength. Gallus and Smolder are a bit difficult to identify like the rest but my best guess for them would be Hope and Honesty. Ocellus could Kindness but I almost want to give her Magic or even sorcery. The problem with that is she isn't the center hold of the group; not that the Young Six needed one like the Mane 6 had with Twilight and the Pillars with Starswirl.

    How this could be used and what each of them represent is up for debate but these seem the closets to what we've seen from the Young 6.