• NYCC Coverage Day 4: LIVEBLOG of Making Kids' Comics the IDW Way!

    I hope you're all ready folks for today is the day to have some fun!

    Yes I know it is early for the West Coast, however it is the middle of the day on the East Cost and as you can tell this is the first panel of the day!

    IDW is hosting a Making Kids's Comic Panel, and the description on NYCC's page makes this one sound like it is going to be a ton of fun!

    You'll be able to find EQD's live coverage of the panel after the break!

    10:55 AM--Panel has yet to start.

    NYCC has implemented a rule of no photography during the panel. These wishes will be respected.

    11:00 AM--Panel has begun.
    Panelists include:
    Moderator: Bobby Curnow (IDW Group Editor and Editor of the My Little Pony, TMNT, and Marvel Action: Avengers Comics)
    Derek Charm (Star Wars Adventures)
    Andy Price (IDW MLP Comic Artist)
    Delilah Dawson (Star Wars Adventures and Marvel Action: Spider Man)
    Matthew Manning (Marvel Action: Avengers)
    Lee Walton (Top Shelf Comics)

    Starting the panel by creating a protagonist! Audience Shouts out that the hero is a cheetah named Bella!

    The kids are building a comic live during, while being guided by Bobby, one panel at a time!

    Bad Guy Time! Human type character who has a job he might not like: A Janitor named Ray.

    Ray meets some aliens who want him to do his bidding and he is going to need the magical gem Bella is going after! THe aliens give him the ability to shapeshift into a cheetah (with super speed).

    This is already going to be amazing!

    Bella wins the day with a comic classic punch in the face! And celebrates by eating cake!

    There really is something pure about kids imaginations when it comes to creating fun and zany adventures!

    Bobby is currently talking about how Comics are a very collaborative medium between the editor, the writer, and artist.

    News time:

    Starting off with Marvel Action: Spider-Man!
    Writer Delilah Dawson talks about how this series is a completely brand new universe where Peter, Miles, and Gwen Stacy (all with spider powers) exist and become friends after meeting up when attending a contest hosted by Tony Stark.

    Next Book: Marvel Action: Avengers!
    Matthew talks about how the team for the avdngers is Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, Captain America, and Hawkeye! The first issue is dealing with what happens when the Iron Man suit goes rogue by itself! Also, brings up the question of where is Tony Stark!

    Matthew's favorite character is Iron Man. Has always been his favorite when he was a kid and absolutely loves to write him now as an adult.

    Marvel Action: Black Panther!
    Kyle Baker will be writing this book. The reveal cover is by Elsa Charreter!

    Star Wars Time!
    Star Wars Adventures: Tales from Vader's Castle event comic series this month!

    It's about a crew that crash lands on Mustafar, which is where Vader's Castle is located, and they are telling each other spooky stories while they try to figure out a way off the planet!

    Star Wars Adventures #14 is a 100% Chewie story! It's all about how he goes on vacation and bounty hunters find him!

    Star Wars Adventures #15 is a Poe and BB8 story about how those two must escape a swap while out witting a spooky monster.

    Disney Comics and Stories will be focusing on Mickey Mouse Next Year in Honor of his 90th Birthday!

    Uncle Scrooge will be chasing after magical artifacts!

    In Mickey Mouse, Mickey has no idea who he is!

    DuckTales has the whole gang trying to figure out how they are going to hide all of Scrooge's money and discover

    My Little Pony Cover is revealed for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #75!

    Andy is co-writing this story with Katie Cook! Katie is returning to the comics for this Milstone!
    The villain is named Cosmos! This guy is an even bigger threat than Discord! He makes Discord look like Batman: TAS Harley Quinn when compared to the Joker.

    That issue will be out in the spring.

    Nightmare Knights is out this month! (Debuted at NYCC with an exclusive Variant by Jay Fosgitt!)

    Bobby: Think Oceans 11 with Ponies!

    The new IDW Comic series is Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!
    The comic will be telling the story of them growing up.

    Matthew is writing the series. These stories are fairly self contained. First issue features a new villain by the name of Man-Bun! Who is a mutant human rabbit.

    I can't stop laughing at him! XD

    IDW Sonic the Hedgehog! They're showing a cover by Adam Bryce Thomas who is also the artist for some of the issues. In the second arc, Sonic has been affected by a technology virus which is slowly turning him into metal! However he can keep the virus at bay by literally running as fast as he can...

    IAN FLYNN YOU ARE A BRILLIANT PUN MASTER!!! Sonic literally has a medical condition of Gotta Go Fast!

    IDW is producing a Sonic Team Racing Adaptation.

    Top Shelf Entertainment is releasing a new All Ages Book titled Supers by Frederic Maupome and Dawid.

    They are also releasing a book called Johnny Boo is King! by James Kochalka. The book is all about using your imagination, and this is the 9th book in the series!

    And finally from Top Shelf is Red Panda and Moon Bear by Jarod Rosello. The kids have magical hoodies which give them super powers to save the world! First book starring Latinx characters.

    That last bit from Top Shelf is also the end of the news announcements. Time for IDW's Kids Q&A!

    12:00 PM--Panel is over!