• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VIII: Day 8

    While Equestria is a relatively peaceful place our ponies know how to kick butt when needed and you all delivered with ponies of all sorts facing the dangers of the place they call home. Who knew that pastel colored equines could steel themselves so well in the face of adversity?

    With today's prompt we brought in 135 ponies bringing our total to 1250 ponies altogether. Excellent job everyone!

    Now that we are entering into our second week of the ATG I figure it's time to get our ponies mingling a little bit. Not only do you get some experience drawing expressions of ponies interacting with one another but also put your drawing speed skills to the test as you draw multiple ponies. As such we're going to start with a strong emotion and one that is popular in the fandom: Draw a pony in love / Draw a pony ship(ping).

    As usual our submitter can be found here.

    Remember, our compiler is up a few hours even after this post goes up so feel free to submit your submission to our submitter!

    Our Makeup Day submitter is currently online too, you can find it here.

    Good luck everyone!

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    For those of you with Discord we are really pulling out all the stops this year as we have a channel on EqD's official Discord server called #creators-plus-atg for you to hang out in with your fellow artists during the event. You can join our Discord server here.

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    Art Tutorials
    Tutorials Collected by the Artist Training Grounds Alumni Group

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    1 In the Storm - RD4590

    Art image 1
    This is actually the adjusted version of one of my old drawings, but due to some limitations, I'm not able to draw the whole picture.

    7 Seconds Before Disaster - Erika Wiliams

    Art image 7
    I couldn't bring myself to put them in any real danger. So this was the best I could do. Prompto needs to get his head in the race, or at least look at the ground in front of him.

    8 ATG - 7 - In Danger - Crimson Winds

    Art image 8
    Fluttershy tries desperately to flee a manticore.

    9 Spirit Life gets cornered - Horceye

    Art image 9
    Spirit Life gets cornered... but the question is from whom?

    10 Sad - Dusthiel

    Art image 10

    11 Day 7 - Mezia

    Art image 11

    13 Princess of the Night - Redenaz

    Art image 13
    The concept was Celestia soon after banishing Nightmare Moon, with her struggling to how to reconcile her responsibilities with her limits.

    Cue "Soldiers of the Night" by SlyphStorm. ♪

    14 Day 7 - Tatzlwurm Escape - SadTrooper

    Art image 14
    Daring Do went to the wrong cliff in her adventure!

    18 Goodbye, Daring Do! - Esfelt

    Art image 18
    Looks like Daring Do is in a bit of trouble here!

    20 Catty likes to touch stuff - Drakin Kami

    Art image 20
    She never stepped into a temple ever again.

    22 "HELP!" Album Cover - OctaScratchRock

    Art image 22
    Here's the album cover for Octavia Melody's latest album (or her latest collection of random noises, depending on whose side you're on). I personally think she did great, as she always does. The album is a Beatles cover album featuring the following songs, all redone in perfect harmony by Octavia at the lead vocals and guitar, Vinyl as the background guitarist, and Lyra Heartstrings at the drums:
    -Ticket To Ride
    -Long Tall Sally
    -A Hard Day's Night
    -Please Please Me
    -Any Time At All
    -I'm So Happy Just To Dance With You
    -All You Need Is Love
    -Eight Days A Week
    Buy Octavia Melody's latest album today!

    24 ATG VIII 7 - Tun Rae

    Art image 24
    "Clever Girl..."

    25 Day 7 - Zypdv-HP

    Art image 25
    An idea I should have finished last year. I'm running out of ideas :U

    26 Danger - Alquimis

    Art image 26
    Just Twilight scared of some nighmares/monsters of the night!

    28 ATG2018 Day 7 - Pony in Danger - Renarde-Louve

    Art image 28
    Zecora on a river of lava, she probably did a wrong move

    30 Borderline Friendly - Ebby Sharp

    Art image 30
    One week in, peeps!

    31 In danger - RemnantViscera

    Art image 31
    I almost missed another one of these, damn. Jumping in at day 8.

    33 07-2018 - alloco

    Art image 33

    34 ..Anvil.. - MaiSky

    Art image 34

    35 Lucilinny In Danger! - Myu Mochii

    Art image 35
    I was in a bit of a rush when I did this one...

    36 Lost - Matthew

    Art image 36
    … Sadly, not all who are changed can be brought back.

    37 NATG2018 - DAY 7 - Fluttering Do - DarkDabula

    Art image 37
    "Living at/on the edge !"

    38 Violet Spark's Bolder Dodging - DinkyUniverse

    Art image 38
    Violet Spark deep inside a dungeon, has accidentally set off a bolder she must now dash away from as fast as she can.

    40 Paper Celestia Danger - DeluxeFlame

    Art image 40
    Entry #7 for Artist Training Ground: https://www.equestriadaily.com/search/label/Artist%20Training%20Ground
    "Pony in Danger"

    Drew up a paper mario battle right before the banishment.
    Colors in the manes didn't get picked up too well in the scan.
    I messed up the hair on Celestia. As well as the size, but I played it off as a debuff in Paper Mario.

    41 Pony Doomed - Vulpes

    Art image 41
    It's a reference.

    Didn't have time to finish it for the prompt so... this is all you'll get for today.

    42 Daredevil - Allonsbro

    Art image 42

    43 Comfy throne - Ragmo

    Art image 43
    We all know thrones in equestria have to be build in a way that you can sit on them for hours - to bad there aren't many thrones in equestria one could try out.
    Just something very quick... Galacon 2018 ended today and it was lots of fun; but also very exhausting -w-

    44 Daring on the Edge of action - Nekotigerfire

    Art image 44
    I really went all out I want to keep doing more backgrounds and work on them more :P

    45 Fluttershy VS Cockatrice - The Vintage Pone

    Art image 45
    Will we ever see the Cockatrice again?

    46 Guardian Angel - banterlot

    Art image 46
    Rainbow Dash was found the next morning and admitted to the hospital with two broken wings.

    47 Watch out! - Moonatik

    Art image 47
    Prelude to "One".

    48 Troublesome flight - ThatFriendlySomeone

    Art image 48
    They aren't ponies technically, but i went with it anyway :3

    49 Daring Danger - Lou

    Art image 49
    Well this happened. Added a lot more detail than I expected into the background and the lighting, but it looks fairly nice I think. Maybe

    51 - sharpshadowxii

    Art image 51
    I've run out of ideas.

    52 Life with Pinkie - JoKage

    Art image 52

    53 Starlight Flux Welding A Spike On To A Combat Robot - Starlight Flux

    Art image 53
    This is my OC welding a metal spike onto his featherweight Combat Robot, ready for it's next battle.

    54 The Beast is watching - Minty Treble

    Art image 54
    Oh, no D:!! lil', sweet Miss Hooves doesn't know what she got herself into!! HELP!!

    55 Encounter - Silver Dash

    Art image 55
    I'm sure I'm far from the first to make this reference

    57 ATG Day 7: Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus - Addelum

    Art image 57
    The motto of Hogwarts, which is "Never tickle a sleeping dragon." For this school, the meaning is literal. Trust me Silverstream, you don't want to be doing that.

    58 And So... - Lifes Harbinger

    Art image 58
    First entry for this year's ATG, but after seeing the prompt and having finished watching the Afro Samurai movies again. I just had to draw something for it.

    59 Look Before You Plummet - B.J. Dazzle

    Art image 59
    Southern Equestria is known for housing many DANGERS, from dangerous predators to tricky traps and criminal low-lifes around every corner. Walking off THE EDGE of a cliff and nearly falling to your death is one of the lesser perils you can find around here, but that's not stopping Lyra and Bon Bon from getting tripped up by it anyway.

    61 ATG 7 - Rainbow Falls - PixelGrip94

    Art image 61
    I realize that everyone and their mother has done this idea to death by now (and executed it far better than I ever could), but I've always been a fan of this idea enough to wanna do it myself. While it's not the greatest thing ever, I'm happy with the turnout.

    62 Face The Wrath Of Super Shadow - Erik Butterworth

    Art image 62
    This piece I uploaded last year, but I think it was after the Training Grounds for last year were over already. Not sure if this fits the topic since it is Chrysalis we're talking about, and I don't know if she still qualifies as being a pony since she's a Changeling, but I'm willing to try.

    63 You're Going Down, Chrysalis - Erik Butterworth

    Art image 63
    I uploaded this last year as well, but I think it was after the Training Grounds for last year were over already too. Not sure if this fits the topic as well since it is Chrysalis we're talking about, and I don't know if she still qualifies as being a pony since she's a Changeling, but I'm willing to try.

    64 Watch out, Daydream! - Erik Butterworth

    Art image 64
    Not sure if this piece was uploaded in a previous Training Grounds regarding a different topic, but let me know if it was once it is submitted. I'm also not sure if Sunset qualifies cause it is her as Daydream and not as her pony self that's in danger, but it's the best I could think of.

    68 Danger - SpheeDC

    Art image 68
    So, how's your day?

    69 Night Rager - Darelith

    Art image 69
    I mean... a pony living on the edge certainly is an edgy pony... so I drew an edgy pony

    71 EQD ATG8 Day 7: A Dangerous Edge - ArrJaySketch

    Art image 71
    Drawn for the Equestria Daily Artist Training Grounds 8, Day 7: "Drawing a pony in danger / Drawing a pony living life on the edge."

    Graphite skirting a very dangerous edge, indeed.

    He has a bit of a big head, doesn't he?

    This was just a quick, silly doodle, and it made me happy that I tried to draw something, so that counts, I say! One very helpful skill I've picked up is to NOT beat myself up if things don't turn out like I hoped. All we an ever do is pick ourselves up and try again tomorrow. And that is exactly what I do every day!

    72 Radical Heights - Shelltoon

    Art image 72
    Despite her cool exterior, Sable suffers from a severe case of acrophobia.

    73 Angry Dangerous Bookhorse - Gary Mitchelhill (Rapidsnap)

    Art image 73
    Rainbow Dash is in serious danger of a very lengthly lecture (with diagrams and charts) about how to care for other ponies properties... Once Twilight stops screaming at her first for destroying her first edition Daring Do book before realising she can fix it with magic.

    74 ATG VIII Day VII - RizDub

    Art image 74
    I almost drew the CMC's encounter with the cockatrice from Stare Master, but since I drew an episode scene yesterday I wanted to make an original scene today.

    76 My teacher is a bat pony - NB

    Art image 76
    This one's a continuation of The return. (https://www.deviantart.com/naomisheadspaceart/art/ATG-Day-3-The-return-756316442) Run, Sandbar, run!

    77 NATG VIII - Day 8: Finally I can fight! - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 77
    "Rash, for Princess Luna's sake, stay away from King Sombra!" Violet Spark cried out, face clad in worry over seeing her friend trying to confront the dark king. "You are a foal and you don't have any magic, you can't beat him! Please, Rash, run away!"

    Day 7 of the Newbie Artist Training Grounds is here and it is getting DARK. Today's prompt is Draw a pony in danger/Draw a pony living life on the edge.
    For today, I decided to draw a background colt who was at the Daring Do convention that we saw in "Stranger Than Fan Fiction":


    The fandom hasn't named him yet, so I came up with a name for him:

    [Full description on Deviantart]

    78 Look gals! No Helmet!!! - FreshlyPositive

    Art image 78
    Uh oh! You can't do stunts without protection!

    79 NATG D7 - Krash42

    Art image 79
    "There's a settlement that needs your help, I'll mark it on your map."

    80 A Radical Challenge - Calena

    Art image 80
    I made it in one hour. Two challenges at once.

    81 This Machine Can Kill So Many Raiders - AaronMk

    Art image 81
    Someone's loosing their head, but it ain't Pip.

    82 Dangerzone - Gary Mitchelhill (Rapidsnap)

    Art image 82
    Flyzone got the wrong idea when trying to experience G-Forces.

    83 Wilhelm - Frith

    Art image 83
    This exercise made me look up "Wilhelm scream". Well, I spent all day mulling over what to do with the 'pony in danger, on the edge' prompt, and I couldn't come up with anything simple but interesting. So I rolled the Mare Do Well episode, looking for a quick fix. Not a great episode, but lots of danger, and as you can see, ponies screaming. On the bright side, this looks like the minimum size for me if I want any semblance of detail and proportion in my ponies.

    84 Dark places - Lantern Light

    Art image 84

    87 Hangin' in There - WerdKcub

    Art image 87
    Don't let go, AJ!

    89 Friend, Or Foe? - Lollipony

    Art image 89
    Maybe it's just one really big, cute, cuddly cat! Nice, kitty, nice kitty...

    90 A Walk Through The Everfree - Aetharis Starcaller

    Art image 90
    Why is Fluttershy walking alone through the everfree forest at night? I dunno!

    91 Edgy Starlight - Neonhuo

    Art image 91
    Very original joke, i know i know, but i wanted to try testing a difficult pose and a semi detailed background.

    92 2018 ATG VIII - Day 7 - Exhilaration - KirbyLiscious

    Art image 92
    "Hey Twilight... do you want to spend some time together?"
    "Sure Cadence! What do you wanna do?"

    93 Edgy - ABronyAccount

    Art image 93
    Behold, two hours of drawing!

    95 Has Pony Jumped the Shark? - Stone39

    Art image 95
    Well, technically, it's a whale. Could it be a whale-shark? Ah, it's not too important as Sunset Shimmer jumps over the Sea of Green. :)

    97 Living on the Edge - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 97
    Spiral Galaxy: He's a fool. A soon to be dead fool.
    The air horn does say "Big Air".

    98 - Scarfanon

    Art image 98

    99 Suffer not the witch to live - T72B

    Art image 99
    Negotiations go from bad to worse as Twilight’s first shot fails to disable the renegade Minotaur Chieftain.

    100 DANGER PLAD! - don

    Art image 100

    101 DANGER - don

    Art image 101
    Too much vanilla oat swirl ice cream = whirling & hurling

    102 Master's Haircut - Vivian Iolani

    Art image 102
    I've been playing too much Dark Souls lately.

    103 Ride em Rarity - don

    Art image 103
    one the edge of rainboom

    104 Thief - Novaintellus

    Art image 104
    What is this little pony doing?
    Why do you desire death?
    (Hint hint, the dragon does desire death. )

    106 Zero Bucks Given - Pone-Dancer

    Art image 106
    Smoulderdash breaks some unspoken laws to create a tiny bit of chaos. That and there's a sale on protein bars in there.
    A concerned Broken Heart and Joyful Noise look on.

    107 - ZetaMad

    Art image 107
    a really super fast sketch, I have not had any time today

    108 The Dare - Binky T.

    Art image 108
    Story at the Source:
    When Scootaloo is given a chance to fly by some local schoolfoals, she isn't sure if this is the safest way to do it...

    109 Lyra - Spone

    Art image 109
    It just made sense

    112 Uh oh - Huffy26

    Art image 112

    113 Hay Bale's Last Stand - TaichiKeaton

    Art image 113
    Hay Bale holds off a dark agent from Tartarus until his friends can alert the guards. He knows he may not survive until then.

    114 Pinkie being in danger - Mister Twister

    Art image 114
    I wonder how many people did the same thing.

    116 Going Down - GryphShot

    Art image 116
    Just a rough sketch but hopefully still discernable ^^

    117 - aeman

    Art image 117

    118 Icarus few too close to the... Eclipse? - PfH Mod

    Art image 118
    Combination of the recent eclipse and the idea of Icarus lead to this idea. I would refine it but I have like 20 minutes to submit this thing!

    Mech wing pony belonging to @friendlypsycho

    119 Princess Luna's Corruption - Benjamin Eric Berlin

    Art image 119
    One of two drawings I made for Day 7, this one was inspired by a common element I've seen in fan fictions where Nightmare Moon is part of the story in some shape or form, that element is the fact that Nightmare Moon was not simply an armored pony with an evil laugh like in the show, but a monstrous creature that defied rational thought, in one fiction she was described as akin to a black hole, in that light both physical and metaphorical were sucked into her essence of darkness. While I couldn't exactly capture the absolute darkness using colored pencils, I did try to evoke the sense of power that NMM would have exerted over the distraught young princess Luna. I hope I was able to do this concept with some small amount of justice.

    120 What's with that face? Aren't you happy to see me? - LennyStendhal13

    Art image 120
    Blind Frustration (or Sparrow, as he was originally baptized when he was a colt) used to get bullied a lot by a colt called Jambalaya (on the left, in this picture) when he was young. So you can see by yourselves how he felt (and actually was) in danger every time he met this brute :c

    But don't worry, karma will fix everything, eventually >:3

    122 Learning Magic on the Fly - phallen1

    Art image 122
    Maya probably should have figured out how to open her parachute with magic BEFORE she jumped, huh. But that's Maya, putting herself in danger and living on the edge.

    123 Falling - Kishkumen

    Art image 123
    Trying out the different brushes in Krita, but focusing mostly on pose.

    124 ! Danger ! - RhythmPixel

    Art image 124
    More of a practice with expressions than anything.

    125 May-May - dafiltafish

    Art image 125
    I was extremely busy today, so here's this... thing.

    126 Monopony Menace - Sigmath Bits

    Art image 126
    Monopony only ends in disaster ...

    127 A Night to Remember - Benjamin Eric Berlin

    Art image 127
    This drawing was inspired by my other great love, the epic and tragic tale of the RMS Titanic, and felt it fit within the drawing prompt today (Sunday that is). Technically it is still a work in progress, but drawing with nothing more than a charcoal pencil is taxing work and I wanted to get going on my other drawing with Princess Luna. I will definitely be returning to this drawing over the next day or two, and perhaps doing other scenes from the movie in a similar style.

    129 Loss - InanimateLotus

    Art image 129
    So this drawing is kind of different, but it does show a pony in danger; It shows a pony in danger of losing someone. This one is for you Cornerstone.

    130 Harder Than It Seems - Photon Grapher

    Art image 130
    Sometimes, living on the edge looks a little different than we might expect. Shout out to all who had the courage to take that step!

    131 Newbie Artist Training Ground - Day 7: Edge of Life - Ben V.

    Art image 131
    This idea came through my mind right when I saw the prompt.
    But deploying it took a lot more time than I thought...

    134 Royal Flush - SazerLite

    Art image 134
    *insert Bee Movie quote here*

    135 "Day of Black Sun" - Galaxyscreamer

    Art image 135
    "The air all around felt.. dangerous. hundreds of brave soldiers and their dragon allies looked into the faces of their enemies.
    The battle for freedom was about to begin. Aragon, the young man on the frontlines, charged at the evil ahead of him when the horn sounded.
    War is dangerous, that's very true. He never loved war, he hated it. All he wants to do is protect; he wants to protect his family, friends and wife.
    if fighting a war is the way to do it, so be it."