• Fiesta SEAPonyCon Opens Activity Applications

    More news from Fiesta SEAPonyCon as they have now opened their activity applications! If you have an activity you want to share at the big event then check out all the information after the break.

    If you haven’t heard, Project SEAPonyCon is returning for 2018 with Fiesta SEAPonyCon! Join us at the City Beach Resort in sunny Singapore from 27-28 October 2018.  Tickets are now on sale at http://tickets.SEAPonyCon.com.

    While this instance of the convention is going to be scaled down, we’re not skimping on the essentials. Thus, if you have an idea for an activity, we would like to share our stage with you!

    Our activity applications are officially open! Go to http://HarmonySix.SEAPonyCon.com now to send in your pitch for what you want to bring to the table.

    The reason why we’re not calling it “Panel Applications” is because you don’t necessarily have to organise a panel. You can pitch almost anything under the sun! Want to run a contest? Host a game? Make a speech? We’re open to hearing what you have in mind.

    As with 2017, we are utilising the Harmony Six protocol for applications. This is a lot simpler than it looks - choose a category that best represents your activity from a list of six and we’ll sort them accordingly in the convention programme once it’s out.


    In 2016 and 2017 we released a number of printable savings cards to help our fans and friends save up in time for the convention. This year, we’re happy to introduce the TripLab.

    TripLab by Project SEAPonyCon is a flight search engine that we launched to help you as a traveller find cheap ways to make your way to Fiesta SEAPonyCon. It works across a multitude of airlines so don’t limit yourself to just Fiesta SEAPonyCon. It could even help you find a cheaper way to enjoy your next holiday. We cannot guarantee that it will find you the cheapest flight available but the system will try its best.

    Check it out at https://TripLab.SEAPonyCon.com and tweet us @SEAPonyCon if you need any help!

    As for a place to stay, you can book your hotel rooms now at http://tickets.SEAPonyCon.com. Remember to save the date! Fiesta SEAPonyCon will be from 27-28 October 2018 at the City Beach Resort in the Labrador Nature Reserve in Singapore! Everything you need to know and more is on our website at https://SEAPonyCon.com. Follow us on Twitter @SEAPonyCon for the latest updates, check out our Instagram at https://instagram.com/SEAPonyCon, like us on Facebook athttps://fb.com/SEAPonyCon and join our Discord server at http://discord.SEAPonyCon.com to participate in our community.

    Twitter: Calpain