• Event Reminder - Lyra and Bonbon Day, Ponies Around the World, and Artist Training Ground!

    Since I haven't gotten a post up shouting at you all to get your submission in for a while on the Ponies Around the World event, here is your 1 week reminder! Ponies Around the World closes on July 13th at 11:59 PM. That is, assuming we don't get a bunch of people who happen to have vacations happening the following week to take pictures of pones on. It tends to happen with that event. If we get enough requests, it will be extended. Submit and info over here!

    For a more urgent deadline, we have two and a half days remaining for Lyra and Bonbon Day happening on the 8th of July. Get your submissions in over here!

    And finally, the Artist Training Ground is on July 23rd. You have all month to prep and psyche yourself up for drawing cartoon horses for a month. Many a big name fandom artist has been spawned from this event, so even if you are terrible, give it a shot! There is a ton of support available to LEARN! Who's going to draw your waifu when the fandom ends in 20 years? That's right, you are! Read about it here.

    For all event related things, you can always follow our event tag.