• Lyra and Bonbon Day Submissions Now Open! Event on Sunday!

    We completely forgot to get a post up announcing Lyra and Bonbon Day! Because of this, we are shifting the date from July 6th to July 8th to give you all some extra time to create stuff for them!

    As with all pony days, there will be an open art post, so feel free to submit a piece of NEW Lyra and(or) Bonbon art, regardless of skill level. Only new art though, please don't send stuff from 2016-2017. We've got Artist Training Grounds coming up on July 23, so consider it a warmup!

    And along with open art, we will have the usual compilations. Whatever we get enough of for a specific category here on EQD, we will make a post for. Customs, plushies, wallpapers, music, etc.

    Email Submit@equestriadaily.com with LYRA AND BONBON- followed by the category you are sending, one category per email. So a music submission should have LYRA AND BONBON - MUSIC, but if you want to send a pmv too, create a separate email and subject it LYRA AND BONBON - PMV.

    Time to ship some pones~