• Poll Results: Starlight Vs. Sunset Shimmer, Who's Your Favorite?

    This was one of the most spread around polls we've had in forever. I swear everywhere I went in pone, someone was talking about it. Throughout it's life, we saw a pretty much constant tug of war between Glimmy and Shimmy for the best, usually within a ~100 margin all the way from day one. I slapped an end time on it for the other day since I knew it would go on forever. Hell even the poll itself had 55 comments.

    In the end, Glimmy barely pulled ahead, but I think we can safely assume that both of these characters are equally popular. You have people like me who sing the PRAISES OF THE GLAMMY while others think Shamwow up there is the greatest thing to ever be added to pony. That's what makes this fandom great. We have so much passion for colorful equines~

    Anyway, new poll time:

    Who Do You Consider to be the Mane Cast of Pony?

    Go vote on the side bar, and get the Glimmy Vs. Sunset war below.