• The Equestria Daily Youtube Channel Has Officially Returned!

    After much headache and back-and-forths with various people on Reddit, Twitter, and in emails, the official Equestria Daily Youtube channel has been re-instated! Apparently a group of internal bronies managed to get everything re-reviewed, and as of this morning I recieved this email from their account management team:

    After a review of your account, we have confirmed that your YouTube account is not in violation of our Terms of Service. As such, we have unsuspended your account. This means your account is once again active and operational.

    We are back! Thanks to everyone out there that helped spread the word. We really couldn't have done it without you. At the end of the day it really didn't seem like the channel would ever return with basic review tools, so we are very grateful.

    I'm going to be over there for the next few hours making sure everything is perfect. We had a lot of people chime in, some from internal Youtube with various reasons why it was taken down. Though it has now all been reversed, I'm going to make sure we aren't violating anything just in case..

    This also means we get some awesome fandom history back, with the old Equestria Girls Katy Perry promo, "There's a Pony for that", and the Italian opening of Friendship is Magic all getting their comments back! Ill slap em below if you want a blast to the past.