• Silver Stream, Thorax, Mistmane, and Zecora's Voice Talent Heading to TrotCon

    TrotCon has scooped up three more voice actory guests for their upcoming convention later this year. Lauren Jackson (Silverstream), Kyle Rideout (Thorax,) Elley-Ray (Mistmane), and Brenda Crichlow (Zecora) will all be attending and signing whatever you can throw at them.

    Head on down below for registration details if you want to meet them.

    TrotCon is proud to present:
    Lauren Jackson and Kyle Rideout! You may know them better as the voices of Silverstream and Thorax! They will be joining us along with Brenda Crichlow and Elley-Ray!
    Lauren comes to us from the beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver, which seems to be a literal magnet for excellent voice talent. She loves the beach, and Silverstream is a hippogriff, so swimming on down to TrotCon is a perfect match. It also happens to be her first guest appearance at a con, ever, so welcome her with open arms and show her how friendship is not only magic, but pure AWESOME!
    Kyle also hails from Vancouver (see, VA magnet, I’m tellin’ ya…). In addition to Thorax, the changeling that changed everything, you may also know him as Vinnie in Littlest Pet Shop, among other varied roles in animation and even film (yeah, he knows Deadpool, what of it?). He’s ready to experience what TrotCon has to offer, so don’t disappoint!
    Things are shaping up for some excellent fun beneath the waves! It’s getting so close! I’m so excited! Are you so excited? It’s gonna happen! Swim on down to TrotCon. Tons of fun for everyone!