• 50 Awesome Celestia Wallpapers for To Celebrate Her Day With!

    I actually had this and the Luna version as a dual screen wallpaper for a while. I think I'll set that up for today too~

    Go get a bunch of Celestia to decorate your devices with below!

    [1] Source

    Throwing Fire by bigponymac

    [2] Source

    Princess Celestia Portrait Wallpaper by alanfernandoflores01

    [3] Source

    Celestia | Wallpaper by arkkukakku112

    [4] Source

    Celestia wallpaper by Elsdrake

    [5] Source

    Badass Celestia Wallpaper by SandwichHorseArchive

    [6] Source

    Celestia by mysticalpha

    [7] Source

    Princess Celestia Wallpaper by Pappkarton

    [8] Source

    Celestia by TheBatFang

    [9] Source

    Princess Celestia Wallpaper by ImLaddi

    [10] Source

    Celestia by TheBatFang

    [11] Source

    Celestia's Sunset by RegolithX

    [12] Source

    Luna and Celestia Wallpaper by uxyd

    [13] Source

    Celestia by Laszl

    [14] Source

    Celestia Redux by Lydia-Rawr

    [15] Source

    Princess Celestia Wallpaper by mayosia

    [16] Source

    Princess Celestia by luga12345

    [17] Source

    celestia and luna wallpaper by auveiss

    [18] Source

    Princess Celestia Sunrise Wallpaper by BlueDragonHans

    [19] Source

    Celestia Solar Flare (Wallpaper) by VipeyDashie

    [20] Source

    Wallpaper Celestia is best pony by Barrfind

    [21] Source

    Princess Celestia Wallpaper 1920 X 1080 by 912photoshopking

    [22] Source

    Celestia by Azery

    [23] Source

    Dark Magic Celestia - Wallpaper [SFM] by argodaemon

    [24] Source

    Celestia and Luna Attacking (Full) (Coloured) by 90Sigma

    [25] Source

    Adorable Celestia by Laszl

    [26] Source

    Crystal Princess Celestia - Wallpaper HD by VipeyDashie

    [27] Source

    Celestia (Animated Wallpaper) by AeliosZero

    [28] Source

    Princess Celestia by PumpkinKikile

    [29] Source

    Silly Celestia by xn-d

    [30] Source

    Celestia's dreams by FrancisksV

    [31] Source

    Queen Celestia by Laszl

    [32] Source

    Celestia Obey - 1920X1080 by VipeyDashie

    [33] Source

    Princess Celestia and Princess Luna - Anime Theme by Jamey4

    [34] Source

    Soleil - Wallpaper by Mithandir730

    [35] Source

    700 Watchers Project - Princess Celestia by VipeyDashie

    [36] Source

    Wallpaper: Celestia by MadBlackie

    [37] Source

    Celestia's Sun 16:10 by mysticalpha

    [38] Source

    Itty Bitty Celestia Color Comitteh Wallpaper by No-Ink

    [39] Source

    Princess Celestia wallpaper 4 by JamesG2498

    [40] Source

    Princess Celestia WP by AliceHumanSacrifice0

    [41] Source

    Cosmic Celestia WP by AliceHumanSacrifice0

    [42] Source

    [MLP] Princess Celestia by yoonny92

    [43] Source

    Celestia Wallpaper by GenjiLim

    [44] Source

    Celly Wallpaper by Laszl

    [45] Source

    Celestia by DazzioN

    [46] Source

    Sisters Wallpaper by Spntax

    [47] Source

    Saved deviation: Princess Celestia Wallpaper by yayayayayala

    [48] Source

    Solace One ~ Wallpaper by Karl97

    [49] Source

    3D Princess Celestia Wallpaper (HD 1920x1080) by allVGmaster

    [50] Source

    Enduring- wallpaper version by xXThatsMyTypeXx

    [51] Source

    Sun and Moon Wallpaper by PrinceSketchy

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