• Celestia Day - Open Art Compilation!

    Another pony day, another compilation of art! We've got Celestia drawing from people of all skill levels here. As always, only new art is favored here created in the last few weeks for Celestia day. Some older stuff might slip through, but if yours didn't make it it was probably old. If it wasn't, send an email and I'll add it~ It might have gotten mixed in the jumble. 

    We are actually doing the Artist Training Grounds next month, so be sure to tune in for that as well! Daily art prompts with loads of others to hopefully learn to draw cartoon equines like a pro!

    If you are looking for the "Best of" art Drawfriend posts, have some links:

    Now go get some Vitamin D below!

    [1] Source

    Princess Celestia by MirrorCrescent

    [1] Source

    Chalk Princess Celestia by Malte279

    [2] Source

    Chalk Daybreaker by Malte279

    [3] Source

    G3 Celestia by Metallic-Roselle

    [4] Source

    Seriously? by lonewolf3878

    [5] Source

    Celestia And Discord Family by ptitemouette

    [6] Source

    Princess Celestia Fan Art by astclair341

    [7] Source

    Prancing Celestia by DarkDabula

    [8] Source

    The sun is never enough by DON2602

    [9] Source

    Celestia by rosstheboss777

    [10] Source

    Holly Jolly Day With celestia by mr100dragon100

    [11] Source

    Princess Celestia by NightPaint12

    [12] Source

    Celestia Day 2018 - Unicorn Cereal by Addelum

    [13] Source

    Beautiful Princess of the Day by CybertronianBrony

    [14] Source

    {My mistakes were made for you} by pikabloom121

    [15] Source

    On the hunt for some cake by Ragmo

    [16] Source

    Smol Princess by SupahDonarudo

    [17] Source

    Celestia - portrait by Oggynka

    [18] Source

    Celly is Upsetty by MooMew64

    [19] Source

    Thou Wert The Solitary Star by TexasUberAlles

    [20] Source

    Principal Celestia's Glare by Epsilon-Chedi

    [21] Source

    by petalierre

    [22] Source

    Doodle by spyrophantom

    [23] Source

    Celestia Day by nightshadowmlp

    [24] Source

    Princess Challenge - Celestia! by StartledFlowerPony

    [25] Source

    Princess celestia Full Power in Ms-piant by sallycars

    [26] Source

    Show INaccurate Celestia by WritePillar

    [27] Source

    Hot Spring Stress Relief by LifesHarbinger

    [28] Source

    Childhood friendship by cloudyhan24

    [29] Source

    Happy Celestia day by pokemon99883

    [30] Source

    Oh, Dearest Sun by Zanefir-Dran

    [31] Source

    How Not to sketch Celestia by AceWissle

    [32] Source

    Hail the Sun Goddess, Princess Sun Butt by 8-BitBrony

    [33] Source

    Praise the Sun by Bubbly-Storm

    [34] Source

    Daytime Princess by MewTheBubble

    [35] Source

    Princess Celestia by MirrorCrescent

    [36] Source

    [37] Source

    by smurfettyblue

    [38] Source - Kayla

    [39] Source - Kimberly

    [40]Source - AF