• My Little Pony: Pony Tales Volume 2 to be Published in Japan!

    Greetings everyone! Today Equestria Daily brings you news out of the land of the rising sun. In Yokohama Japan, there was an MLP fan meetup today, and to everyone's surprise there was a huge announcement from Phase 6.

    For those unaware, Phase 6 acquired the license for translating and publishing the IDW My Little Pony comic series after Village Books ceased publishing MLP Comics after their initial volume tanked. Anyways, the cover art for this volume, created by Japan native and veteran IDW Comic Cover artist S-bis, was revealed!

    Isn't it beautiful? Love his work. I hope to meet him one of these days.

    Like the original english version, this comic volume will collect issues 7-10 of the Micro Series. It has a price point of 1,800¥ ($16.51 USD). For those looking to order it online, it's not yet available to order on Amazon Japan (grumbles) but the ISBN is known and is 978-4-909434-10-4. So the book will be easy to look up once it goes on sale.

    To which the street date is May 18th, 2018! Less than a month to go! Are you excited? Cause I'm excited! More ponies are going to be in Japan! And as a special treat for those who happen to live in Japan, you can find an order from for it after the break!

    Special thanks to Sticken1 for the heads up!