• Planeshift: Equestria Gets an Update - New Races, Items, and More

    For all of you out there playing the pony version of Planeshift, a new update has been released that introduces a bunch of new things and fixes a few broken ones. Bats get better hearing too, becuase bats.

    Get the changes below, and go download it here.

    Earth Pony: Steady: changed from expertise to advantage for simplicity

    Bat Pony: Keen Hearing: ^

    Crystal: Total rework: Are now more similar to Earth Ponies, but swap Steady for Natural Armor

    Breezies: Wind Magic: Has been changed to be standard delayed magic.

    Griffons: Total rework: Standard Griffons are pretty much the same, but are now a subrace of Avians. They lost their weapon training, which wasn't very good anyway, and gained talon attacks and have expertise on stealing things now.

    Hippogriffs: Added: Now a subrace of Avians: have a hedonistic culture thanks to their isolation, and get to pick a skill based on leisure activities.

    Yaks: Added: Another bruiser race, but focused on taking damage.  Has a reverse kobold style ability. I like its flavor a lot.

    Changelings: Added Subraces: Corrupted are the standard buggos.  Purified are newlings, they trade emotion drain and chitin armor for an extra +1 to any ASI.

    Dragons: Added: based on the PHB dragon born, but edited for show accuracy.

    Heavy Hoof blades, renamed for less confusion, were made light for Two weapin fighting 

    Orb of Obsidian magic item was added, stolen from Appul