• Toys R Us New Round Up: Liquidation Sales to Start Tomorrow, Amazon Eyeing TRU Locations, and… KB Toys Returns?!

    It's been a very busy few days since Toys R Us announced they were liquidating last week. For one thing, the liquidation sales start tomorrow. For another, Amazon has apparently started looking at acquiring some of the son-to-be vacant Toys R Us locations.

    And finally, KB Toys, the name of a Toy Store I never thought I was going to hear again (let alone type on this blog), is apparently being resurrected from the retailer grave after 9 years to save the toy industry!

    The thing is, I believe them. Be sure to check out the major details after the break!

    Toys R Us Liquidation Sales to Start Thursday

    As has been reported by major news outlets over the last few days, Toys R Us liquidation sales are going to start on March 22, 2018. Which just so happens to be tomorrow. What this means is that the Toys R Us stores have already started the liquidation process at stores everywhere in an effort to prepare for the liquidation.

    As of today, all Toys R Us are no longer technically owned and operated by Toys R Us. Instead the liquidation firms have already taken over. So a little thing like Toys R Us price matching will no longer work.

    Gift Cards will be valid for at least the next two weeks. However it is highly recommended that if you have any you go out and spend it ASAP, because at some point they will no longer be valid.

    It is predicted the liquidation sale will begin with a flat 25% off all inventory. The discounts will continue to rise as the weeks go by.

    If all goes well, Toys R Us predicts it will complete the liquidation process by June of this year.

    Amazon Eyeing TRU Retail Locations

    Reported by Bloomberg, and called by me as the most likely scenario, Amazon is currently exploring options to buy some of Toys R Us's soon to be vacant and abandoned storefronts. As to what Amazon could put in those locations, it could be anything. Amazon Bookstores. Whole Foods. A brand new Amazon Retail Chain?

    The possibilities for this potential deal are quite literally endless. We'll have to keep an eye on this story as it continues to develop.

    KB Toys Returns to Save the Toy Industry

    In what has to be the single most shocking pieces of news to hit the internet yesterday, defunct toy store chain KB Toys announced they were coming back into the toy business.

    The toy store chain, which went out of business in 2009, was already in the process for returning to the retail market. However with Toys R Us's liquidation announcement, KB Toys's plans for a grand reopening have been accelerated, and currently have a targeted reopening date of December 2018. Just in time for Christmas.

    They are billing this move as the one to save the toy industry. And quite honestly, I believe them.

    Equestria Daily will keep everyone informed as this story develops over the coming months.