• Equestria Girls: "Pinkie Pie and the Cupcake Calamity" Book Listed on Amazon

    Another in the Canterlot High Stories series has been listed on Amazon for anyone following the Equestria Girls books. This one has a release date way out on October 2nd, so quite a ways away. You can still pre-order it over here though.

    Get the synopsis below.

    Pinkie Pie loves her job at Sugarcube Corner. She gets to work on perfecting the best cupcake recipe EVER, and is always surrounded by treats! Things seem like they're going to get even sweeter when Rarity becomes the new cashier, but it turns out that Pinkie and Rarity don't always see eye-to-eye on customer service. Just when Pinkie Pie thinks her predicament couldn't get stickier, a big corporate bakery moves in across the street and steals all of Sugarcube Corner's business. Can Pinkie Pie and Rarity work together and find a way to save Canterlot High's favorite bakery?

    Thanks to Andrew and Keira for the heads up.