• Brony Study 2018 - New Survey Opportunity!

    Brony Study is still going strong after all these years and once again they need your help in collecting data on the community! They're currently looking to expand their data set and for your help you have the chance of winning a $50 Amazon gift card as a result (besides the awesome feeling of helping out science!)

    Get all the information after the break!

    Hello, my name is Daniel (Professor Uponium) and I am one of the members of BronyStudy, over the last few years we (myself and Drs Courtney "Nuka" Plante and Stephen Reysen)  have asked the fandom to respond to an expanded survey on fan behaviors and we received a massive response, the 2016 results can be found here https://sites.google.com/site/bronyresearchproject/ and in a number of recently published articles. We are currently working on expanding the website data and the possibility of a book reviewing the entirety of Brony Study's work since it's beginning. I really want to pass on our thanks and continued support for the brony community.

    Today I (along with Drs Reysen and Plante) would like to ask everypony's help on this new survey launching what is the third wave in or expansion of the initial BronyStudy research and further understanding of fandom and group identity. This survey will aid in better understanding fan interactions with a number of developments both in the present and in the future regarding the fandom.

    For your time and participation in this survey, you will be eligible to enter your e­mail into a draw for the chance to win one of several $50 gift certificates to Amazon.com (your odds of winning the gift card are based on the number of entries and are estimated at 1 in 200). Your email entry will not be linked to your responses in any way to preserve your anonymity.


    We thank you again for your continued support regarding our research! And we hope to see you at this year's BronyCon with an update of the research so far!!

    - Professor Uponium
    (Daniel Chadborn)

    P.S. While we may try to keep up with the comments section some questions may be difficult for us to answer without fear of influencing responses from those who read it and we generally ask you keep the survey and your answer confidential while it is open. If you have any questions, concerns, issues (we are prone to the occasional typo or bug), or anything else, please email us at bronypsychology@gmail.com, through the contact page on the above website, or using the contact information given in the study.

    Twitter: Calpain