• Alicorn "Chaos Princess Pinkie Pie" Added to Gameloft App... What?

    Something strange has been added to the Gameloft app for the same price as a brand new Steam game. Chaos Princess Pinkie Pie is now available, complete with a Chaotic Orchestra building on the side.

    Great but, Pinkie Pie the alicorn?! What? Where is this one from? The comics have been the most recent push for the Gameloft app, but this... is completely different. Is it a hint at a future episode? As far as we've seen, it doesn't fit into any of the known synopsis coming up. Unless it's a one-off joke at some point.

    (Update: Looks like this was a comic plot from #57! I blame skipping the ponk comics cause im biased )

    Thanks to Explosionmare, Fluttershy Melody, abd Dreadmaster231 for the heads up.