• Inside the Animator's Studio - An Evening With Lauren Faust - Now on Amazon Prime

    The Brony Thank You Fund has scooped up their big event that happened with Lauren Fast during last years EQLA and popped it up on Amazon prime for everyone to watch. They even have a unique charity drive going where every watcher and purchaser ends up donating money to their charity projects.

    Head on down below the break for details, or just go watch it here.

    This fall, a select group of people had the unique opportunity at EQLA to hear Lauren Faust talk about her life, career, and projects (including, of course, Friendship is Magic.) Now anyone with Amazon Prime can share that same experience for free! Not only can you hear Lauren tell the story of her childhood, college years, and work on shows like The Powerpuff Girls, Wander Over Yonder, and The Iron Giant; but you can also help fund the Thank You Fund's scholarship at CalArts. For every Amazon Prime subscriber who watches the interview, we'll get $0.30 from Amazon. Even better, if you watch it twice, we get $0.60, three times: $0.90.  If you're not a Prime subscriber, you can purchase it outright for a measly $3.00, and the Fund will get $1.50.

    There are some great stories and photographs that have never been seen before in this video. Among other subjects, you'll learn:

    - What comics she'd sneak into her brother's room to read
    - Why a trip to Disney changed her life
    - How she and her dad broke into a building at CalArts
    - What it was like to work on a movie that was a complete disaster
    - Meeting Craig for the first time
    - The definitive story of why she left MLP
    - Inside info on the reboot of DC Super Hero Girls

    You can find the video at: http://amzn.to/2D59Zjm (or search for "Inside the Animator's Studio" on any Amazon Prime Video player)