• Discussion: EVERYONE on Earth is Suddenly a Cartoon Pony. Does Society Collapse?!

    A strange apocalypse has suddenly befallen humanity! In an instant, everyone is transformed into  colorful cartoony ponies. Touchscreen phones everywhere are suddenly unusable, and long tweets filled with "vfcgxdjklsv klp;fgjsklp[" end up appearing on Twitter as people at desktops attempt to communicate their sudden duress with their stubby hooves.

    News anchors appear on TV for those that are already watching or able to manipulate their tiny remote control buttons to tune in. Driving becomes near impossible as our tiny horse bodies can't quite reach the pedals.

    About a third of the population is unicorns, and another third pegasus. As the unicorns slowly learn to use their powers, demand quickly rises for them to do all the things humans could previously do that aren't quite possible with hooves or mouths.

    How does society handle this sudden change? Are earth ponies left in the dust without earth-focused tools for them to use? Will we ever see the new pegasus population stop blindly flying around and breaking all sorts of airspace laws as humanity finally attains the dream of bird-level self powered flight? Will unicorns stop accidentally leveling city blocks and mind-controlling those around them while adjusting to their new abilities? Will everyone stop staring at everyone's now eye-level butts?

    Discuss your place in this new society below!