• Tons of Choose Your Own Adventure Equestria Girls Shorts Added to the Discovery Family App

    Following their recent five episode dump, the The Discovery Family GO App has added anotrher five more for you all to watch in the choose your own adventure series.  Included in this update are:

    • Happily Ever After party
    • Opening Fright
    • Reconstructive Criticism
    • Best Trends Forever
    • All the World's Off Stage

    As with the last set, these are obviously meant to be a Youtube series since they are kind of a pain to navigate with the app, but I think at this point, we are used to My Little Pony being the most unreliable show on the planet when it comes to release schedules and not randomly dumping piles of episodes on us.

    Anyway, tap your app and go watch em if you want to!

    Thanks to Raritymlp for the heads up.