• Calling for Submissions! Send Stuff to EQD!

    ✴❤ Spotlight Splash demands TRIBUTE!    ^_^✿ 

    We are deep into hiatus #7 and as always, we need to get a reminder out that EQD still needs submissions of things! A lot of people tend to assume someone else will send it, so for any new ones or other that just forget, have a heads up.

    Our submit page is over here.

    For the most part, we have a good amount of people sending art and fanfiction, but comics, videos, and even news (merchandise, EG stuff, or FiM Show) is pretty hard to come by. Other categories like cosplay, wallpapers, customs, plushies, and craft could also use some help!

    The more stuff you submit, the better we can run and show it off to everyone. EQD is a spotlight site more than anything. Hence the...mascot name. We never were very creative... 

    Anyway, submit stuff! Even if you think someone else already did. Repeat news is fine.