• ExplodingPonyToast's Top 100 Pony Songs Of 2017 - January 5th on PVFM!

    It's just about the end of 2017, and I figured it would be a great idea to celebrate it by showcasing my top 100 pony tunes of the last year! I've teamed up with Lycan from Lycan Dese Beats to put together a show where we'll play them all from 100 to 1 with a bit of (hopefully) interesting commentary too. You'll be able to listen in on PonyvilleFM from 3PM EST on Friday the 5th of January next year, and I'll be putting up a full playlist of all the tracks on YouTube after the show. I do hope some of you are able to come along, and you can check out some more info below the break!

    The show will start at 3PM EST, which is equivalent to 8PM UTC and midday PST. It will probably run for around 8 hours, so if you aren't keen on staying for the whole thing, feel free to come in and out, or just turn up for the last few if that's what interests you the most!

    The list I've put together won't include anything released in the last couple of days of the year, as it would have been difficult to fit stuff in and record in time, and I also tried to find a nice balance of what's been big and popular with what I've enjoyed the most personally. I tried not to include too many songs from the same artists, so there will be plenty of variety, and hopefully plenty for everyone to enjoy! I've been thoroughly impressed with the music scene this year, so there was a lot of high quality stuff to sift through, and I think it will be a great fun time for celebrating some super awesome pony music!

    Time converter for some regions can be found here.
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    Art by Yakovlev-vad.