• Season 8 Stuff Getting Nuked on Youtube, Including Stuff Before the Leak

    After a... surprisingly long gap of time, the season 8 episodes and content over on Youtube have started getting nuked by Hasbro. Unfortunately this includes a few things that happened before the leak, including jokey speculation videos, fan made intros, and a few analysis videos.

    Oddly enough, the channels that uploaded full episodes aren't being hit with actual strikes. The videos are simply being taken down. We have a theory on this one. It could be that Hasbro values these channels to advertise the show where Discovery Family fails. They do tend to get around 500k views in a day or two when episodes drop, and sometimes even upwards of a million.

    That being said, it's still surprising to see very little in actual long-term consequences for posting full leaked episodes (Copyright Strikes). Either Hasbro is super chill about this stuff, or their legal team is slowly building a case behind the scenes for a big nuke for damages later on. I have a feeling this saga is far from over.

    Thanks to Miak for the heads up.