• PSA Spoiler Warning: Leaks Making the Rounds

    Does someone want to fix these pipes?! I think Friendship is Magic easily takes gold for most leaked, accidentally early released, and overall insecure show on the planet. Have another spoiler warning PSA below the break, cause it's a big one.

    A whole bunch of Equestria Girls shorts animatics, a 10 minute Equestria Girls special, a new intro for FIM, and the six episodes of season 8 in incomplete form have all been leaked. These episodes range everywhere from the entire thing without any background music and sound effects, to just the audio for one of them.

    Here's to hoping someone gets control over this, or we are once again not going to "have a season". Screencaps of the episodes along with spoilers of new characters have been flooding everywhere. If you want to avoid that for when these release in their fully completed stages some time in Spring, be wary of where you wander. We will obviously not be posting them or screencaps of them here, but comment systems around the internet are being flooded.

    We will keep putting out spoiler warning PSAs as stuff comes in chunks. As far as we know this should be the end.

    That said, please refrain from posting or linking to any of the leaks in the comment sections of EQD.

    Thanks to Codu, Steven, Rauz, and the swarms of others that have sent it.