• Crafts and Custom Compilation #8

    Now that is an incredibly detailed sculpt! I don't think I've seen a fanmade MLP sculpt this elaborate, well, ever actually. It seems like our skills just keep better and better as time goes on.

    [1] Source

    NCMares 'It Is NOT A Habit' by Shuxer59 by Shuxer59

    [2] Source

    Celestia For Sale by StrayC70

    [3] Source

    MLP:FiM - Fluttershy Sculpture [FOR SALE] by Arnne

    [4] Source

    The Princess of Friendship by LightDragon1988

    [5] Source

    MLP: OC Pack by AlexCroft1991

    [6] Source

    Commission-OC Figures, Couple by LostInTheTrees

    [7] Source

    Commission-OC Figure, Katherine by LostInTheTrees

    [8] Source

    'Don't look at me so!' by Shuxer59

    [9] Source

    Alice in Discordland - Tribute to EStories by Malte279

    [10] Source

    Origami Suneset Shimmer by Malte279

    [11] Source

    Pyrography Zecora by Malte279

    [12] Source

    MLP:FIM Winter Rarity by uBrosis

    [13] Source

    Heart Stones: Mane 6 by The1King

    [14] Source

    Songbird Serenade by StrayC70

    [15] Source

    Equestria Girls Vice-Principal Luna Perler by jrfromdallas

    [16] Source

    Rarity by DyllanFaust

    [17] Source

    Storm by DyllanFaust

    [18] Source

    Battle Celestia sculpture by Merionic

    [19] Source

    Captain Harpy by HamPony by HamPony

    [20] Source

    Equestria Girls Principal Celestia Perler by jrfromdallas

    [21] Source

    My little pony - Pinkie Pie Christmas by MimicProductions

    [22] Source

    Somnambula custom pony by LightningSilver-Mana

    [23] Source

    SMD by SilverBand7

    [24] Source

    Moonlight Love by SilverBand7

    [25] Source

    MLP Tempest Shadow pendant by Tree-Frogs-Lair

    [26] Source - Pawel

    Brony Car

    [27] Source - Richard

    Wonderbolts P-51

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