• Trixie Day - GREAT AND POWERFUL Cosplay Compilation

    The Greatest and Most Powerful cosplay has arrived! Who was brave enough to dawn her cape and hat with a face of ultimate confidence and self importance that makes other cosplayers everywhere bow in reverence?

    Get them all below!

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    Trixie basks in her own greatness~ by mieucosplay

    [2] Source

    Friendship is Magic - Trixie by SabishiiHoshi

    [3] Source

    Acen 2013 - Trixie by Havoc-The-Tenrec

    [4] Source

    The Magician, Trixie MLP by Cosmic-Empress

    [5] Source

    Great and Powerful's Trollface by AmaneMiss

    [6] Source

    My Little Pony Trixie cosplay by AmaneMiss

    [7] Source

    Presenting the Great and Powerful Trixie by Cosmic-Empress

    [8] Source

    Magic pony by everage

    [9] Source

    Acen 18 by ComradeNewski

    [10] Source

    The GNPT Trixie, What chu lookin' at? by eternalukyou

    [11] Source

    Florida Supercon '13: The Great and Powerful Me by NaturesRose

    [12] Source

    Fanime 2013 The Great and Powerful Trixie by Speedway66

    [13] Source

    Animate Miami '13: The Great and Powerful Trixie by NaturesRose

    [14] Source

    Right now you are down and out - Pony Cosplay by eternalukyou

    [15] Source

    kJh-jGhnOlU by Nadin666999

    [16] Source

    by the-cosplay-addict

    [17] Source

    by shenn-tyan

    [18] Source

    Bring it. - The Dark and Powerful Trixie Cosplay by eternalukyou

    [19] Source

    AWA '13: Starswirl the Bearded and Me by NaturesRose

    [20] Source

    The Great and Powerful Trixie by eframTrabbit

    [21] Source

    Trixie by rmtakesover

    [22] Source

    Supercon 2013: The Great and Poweful Trixie by KazumiJade

    [23] Source

    Grand Brony Gala: Alicorn Amulet!Trixie by NaturesRose

    [24] Source

    Great and Powerful by shelbeanie

    [25] Source

    by maxpowercosplay

    [26] Source

    Izumicon X by psychseer13

    [27] Source

    The Great and Powerful Trrrrixie! by mieucosplay

    [28] Source

    SacAnime Summer 2014 MLP: FiM by SnowLillyYukino

    [29] Source

    Great and Powerful Indeed by sonicarchiefan45

    [30] Source

    Trixie Lulamooon Mlp Cosplay by RibbonBellpony

    [32] Source

    The Great and Bodacious Trixie by raecheveyc

    [33] Source

    The Great and Powerful Trixie by QPUPcosplay

    [34] Source

    Highest Level Unicorn by vervv

    [35] Source

    MLP Trixie cosplay teaser by SmirkoO

    [36] Source

    Like a Trixie by SmirkoO

    [37] Source

    Trixie Cosplay FX by TrixxieDK

    [38] Source

    The Great and Powerful Trixie! by mieucosplay

    [39] Source

    Trixie the Great and Powerful by sentinel28a

    [40] Source

    Friendship is Magic - Trixie by SabishiiHoshi

    [41] Source

    More Trixie by Juu50x

    [42] Source

    The Great and POWERFUL Trixie! Cosplay! by Zombies-Pudding

    [43] Source

    GBG2: Trixie by GrandBronyGala