• Hasbro and Paramount Strike a 5 Year Film Deal

    Equestria Daily interrupts Trixie Day to bring you big news!

    Coming Soon.net has reported Hasbro and Paramount Pictures have signed a five-year film deal to produce and distribute content based on Hasbro brands, as well as original stories/content. The collaboration will be for developing live action and animated films with Allspark Pictures, Allspark Animation, and Paramount Pictures all having active roles in development and production.

    More details can be found after the break.

    In addition to development and production of said films, Hasbro and Paramount will partner on financing projects. Distribution of projects developed during this deal will be handled by Paramount, and will be world wide.

    One final note is this deal will also have Hasbro and Paramount collaborating on television programming.

    Hasbro and Paramount have been collaborating on film projects since 2003, with the first film project co produced by two companies being 2007's Transformers.

    What could this mean for My Little Pony? In short, quite a bit. Up to and including a possible sequel to the recently released My Little Pony: The Movie being co-produced and distributed by Paramount Pictures. Considering Paramount's extensive (and successful) history with distributing animated projects from both Nickelodeon and DreamWorks over the last 20+ years, this could potentially bold extremely well for Hasbro.

    Anything else beyond that is pure speculation as to what could possibly happen. But pure speculation is fun, so be sure to discuss away in the comments section below!

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled Trixie Day!