• Trixie Day - Celebrate With a Trixie Wallpaper!

    Celebrate TRIXIE by adorning your desktop with an image in her honor. May the gods of Equestria themselves come down and bless every single individual pixel that makes up your screen in reverence at how good it looks.

    Head on down below for around 50 Trixie wallpapers!

    [1] Source

    No Title, Wallpaper Version by ponyKillerX

    [2] Source

    Twilight and Trixie - Magic Trick by mysticalpha

    [3] Source

    Dark Trixie Wallpaper by Yamino

    [4] Source

    Trixie and her awesome Magic - Wallpaper by Tadashi--kun

    [5] Source

    Proto-Trix by ShadesofEverfree

    [6] Source

    The great and powerful trixie by neodarkwing

    [7] Source

    Powerfull Electrixie by romus91

    [8] Source

    The Great And Powerful Trixie - Horizontal by MoongazePonies

    [9] Source

    Obey! Wallpaper by Kigaroth

    [10] Source

    Great And Powerful Wallpaper by Braukoly

    [11] Source

    Trixie is the Greatest Pony Wallpaper by Northwestcore

    [12] Source

    Trixie Audio Visualizer by PensiveBrony

    [13] Source

    Talent - Trixie by Vividkinz

    [14] Source

    Trixie 'Clasic Style' Wallpaper by BlueDragonHans

    [15] Source

    Trixie Wall by Yo-Cosplay

    [16] Source

    Great And Powerful by Karl97

    [17] Source

    Trixie has returned! by TagTeamCast

    [18] Source

    The Dark Enemies ~ Wallpaper by Karl97

    [19] Source

    Trixie's Trix by Meteor-Venture

    [20] Source

    Trixie in the wind 2 16:9 by mysticalpha

    [21] Source

    The Great and Seductive Trixie by Meteor-Venture

    [22] Source

    Insipid by Omniscient-Duck

    [23] Source

    Trixie and Twilight Wallpaper by ALoopyDuck

    [24] Source

    Young Trixie in the Library by mysticalpha

    [25] Source

    Faces of Trixie by NathanTheMighty

    [26] Source

    .:Trixie's Morning Light:. by Meteor-Venture

    [27] Source

    'rixie Wallpaper by Pappkarton

    [28] Source

    Great and Powerful by AdrianImpalaMata

    [29] Source

    .:Shimmering Majesty:. by Meteor-Venture

    [30] Source

    [Old Wallpaper] Princess Trixie by VipeyDashie

    [31] Source

    Trixie Silhouette Wall by SambaNeko

    [32] Source

    Cloaked Pone by Meteor-Venture

    [33] Source

    Beyond Magic Tricks by Game-BeatX14

    [34] Source

    Trixie Wallpaper by escadara

    [35] Source

    Simplixity by Game-BeatX14

    [36] Source

    Striped Wallpaper - Trixie by DJDavid98

    [37] Source

    Swagalactic Trixie (MLP Wallpaper) by TheShabbyCat

    [38] Source

    Under Control - Wallpaper by AntylaVX

    [39] Source

    The Allmighty powerfull Trixie Wallpaper by IIThunderboltII

    [40] Source

    The Great And Royal Trixie (Reloaded) by AntylaVX

    [41] Source

    The Great And Rainbowful Trixie by AntylaVX

    [42] Source

    Trixie Wallpaper by ATNDesign

    [43] Source

    Trixie: Step Up Your Game, Motherbucker! by SteffyO1992

    [44] Source

    The Great And Powerful by minhbuinhat99

    [45] Source

    The Great and Powerful | AdrianImpalaMata X MBN99 by AdrianImpalaMata

    [46] Source

    Triske by Spntax

    [47] Source

    Trixie Wallpaper by Ardonicek

    [48] Source

    Watch In Awe by Bubbly-Storm

    [49] Source

    Trixie Wallpaper by alanfernandoflores01

    [50] Source

    Best Friends Forever Wallpaper by SailorTrekkie92

    [51] Source

    Do it for Trixie wallpaper by crimson4u