• Ponies At Dawn: Memories Charity Album Release Party Info

    Ponies At Dawn are celebrating the start of the holiday season on December 1st by releasing a charity album full of classic tunes from artists who have previously taken part in their albums. Classics from artists such as 4EverfreeBrony, PrinceWhateverer, The Wasteland Wailers, Silva Hound, Jyc Row and a whole lot more are all present on the album, and you can check out a full teaser here! The album will be released on bandcamp during a release stream on PonyvilleFM at 4PM EST/9PM UTC on Friday, December 1st, and you can check out some more information about the album below the break!

    Ponies At Dawn presents our 13th album, Memories! This album is a little different to our usual releases. All these tracks have been released previously by the artists, however have been kindly donated to put together a release that we hope will raise some money for a good cause over the holiday season. We hope this album will fill you with beautiful memories from the past, as we look towards a bright future in 2018 and beyond!

    All donations towards this album before February 2018 will go towards Save The Children, a charity that focuses on the welfare and education of kids from Australia and other places all over the world. Donations from February 2018 onward will go towards the artists involved in future albums.

    The album will be premiered on PonyvilleFM at 4PM EDT/9PM UTC on December, with a couple of awesome DJ sets from resident DJs before and afterwards, so make sure to turn up a little early and stay a little later if you're able to support them too!

    You can see a full teaser for the album over on our Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/ponies-at-dawn/memories
    This teaser together with typography denoting each artist and their track as they play will be available on our YouTube channel on release of the album: www.youtube.com/c/PoniesAtDawn

    Album art generously provided by Mirroredsea: mirroredsea.deviantart.com