• A Look at the Princesses Comic From the MLP Magazine for December

    The My Little Pony Magazine for this month has released, and as always it includes a comic with the usual figure. Oddly enough, Tempest isn't the focus of it this time.

    Head on down below the break to check it out! Unfortunately it's in Spanish, but usually someone hops in with a translation quick enough, so check the comments out until we get one uploaded.

    Explination from submitter:

    It’s about Celestia and Luna wanting to spend vacations like normal ponies. To do so, they choose to go to Las Pegasus (great idea…), but disguised (cape and glasses…eh). But they look shady like that, and Flim and Flam, now owners (continuity with the show!), don’t like their presence here, next to rich ponies. Celly and Luna meet two other ponies they start talking to, and leave them without realizing it’s Cadence and Shining Armor, who had the same idea as they did. After that, Flim and Flam try to make Cadence and Shining get out of the place, or buy new clothes… enter Twilight and Pinkie, who Flim and Flam remark as “high class clients” (Literally “clients of brand”). Pinkie runs into Celestia, making her glasses fall… pinkie and Twilight think they’ve seen here before… but celly puts her glasses back on quickly enough not to get recognised… Pinkie and Twilight are doubting though (come on… xD). Twi then runs into Shining, and directly recognizes him… Shining and Cadence, spotted, take their disguises off, and obviously Flim and Flam are all surprised and happy about their presence, but they go back to harrassing Celly and Luna… who then directly get recognized by Twi. So both of them take their disguises off, and Flim and Flam are shocked, and honored… Celestia tells them the lesson to learn (basically, “No one should be judged on their appearance”). In the last case, Filthy Rich asks if those miserable ponies were in fact the princesses, to which Flim answers “uh… we knew all along, we just wanted to have a little fun…”.

    Thanks to Zebugamer45 for everything!