• Community Soapbox #60 - Starlight's Insecurity, Tempests Horn, Scootaloo and Spitfire, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Why Spike was turned into a dog in Equestria Girls
    • Starlight Glimmer is Insecure
    • The Legends in the MLP Movie
    • Can Tempest’s Horn Still Be Fixed?
    • Scootaloo’s Mother is Spitfire?

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    Why Spike was turned into a dog in Equestria Girls
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Many have wondered just why our heroric little dragon was transformed into a dog, for Equestria Girls. Could it have been that the answer was right in front of our noses the entire time? Back in “Secret of My Excess”, we see a couple charts hanging on the wall of a pony doctor who specializes in pediatrics. These charts clearly show off the inner workings of ponies, and one thing that we can see from them is their brain size- which is actually pretty small. In fact, their hearts are much bigger than their brains. Strangely, there is a dog poster on the wall of that same room, revealing just how big a canine’s brain is, in comparison to a pony’s. This makes sense, considering as a dog, Spike provided useful ideas and kept Twilight calm and on track, much like how he does in the pony world- not just for Twilight, but her friends as well. It could be that dogs are more intelligent than ponies, and that dragons are, also.

    Starlight Glimmer is Insecure
    By TrotterPrime

    If you could define Starlight Glimmer in one way, beyond ‘the Reformed Villain’, what would it be? You can accurately define pretty much every character in the show this way; have Twilight Sparkle [the Nerd] Sunburst [the Geek] Sunset Shimmer [the Go-Getter] Rainbow Dash [the Tomboy] Pinkie Pie [the Sporadic] Spike [the Underdog] Princess Celestia [the Motherly] Princess Luna [the Regal] Princess Cadence [the Loving] Discord [the Trickster] Ember [the Gruff] Thorax [the Wimp] and so on. None of these defining attributes are bad, nor good; they just ARE, and these characters are allowed to grow and develop in ways that are not strictly bound to their defining traits.

    But what about Starlight? As best as I have been able to determine; she could be best described as ‘the Insecure’; she can’t get over her evil past even when no one else either knows or seems to care, losing only ONE friend led her down her evil path, and she overreacts to even the smallest possible mistake of her own making. She fears failure and rejection at every turn so much that it clouds her judgment and is the driving force behind all of her bad decisions throughout the series. Sadly, I don’t think this be seen as a positive thing, as it can only be a crippling flaw in her character that she needs to overcome. Worse still; When Diamond Tiara stopped being ‘the Spoiled Brat’, she stopped having any real presence on the show; so once Starlight overcomes her crippling Insecurity [if ever] Who or What will she be, then?

    The Legends in the MLP Movie
    By: Dan

    The MLP movie has been quite amazing for me. But why was it so fun? For the most part it was pony shenanigans but...was there something else around too? Yes. Quite a lot both from other shows/movies and from brony content creators. But what stood out the most for me were 4 segments of the movie. They had a staggering amount of essence from 4 legendary shows. And before anyones rants that they are nothing alike or just coincidences or whatever, i wish to make it clear that it's still 80% MY LITTLE PONY and 20% the reference. They aren't even allowed to be too similar because trademark rules so please try to understand what the essence of something means. And i have to add that it's just my educated guess so this could still be wrong. But is it?

    The desert town segment is an homage to Disney's Aladdin. Capper is Aladdin. So Rarity is finally a princess?(Jasmine) Interesting.
    The pirate ship segment is an homage to the anime One piece. I think that Rainbow dash is Luffy here.
    The seapony segment is easy. Disney's The little mermaid. Skystar is Ariel i guess but i don't know who Pinkie is...any help anyone?
    And the last segment and my favorite reference iiisss...drum rolls please.... Dragonball Z. Yep! Our beloved Twilight&gang are actually Goku&gang while Tempest and Storm king are Vegeta and Freezer.

    Can Tempest’s Horn Still Be Fixed?
    By: Quiet Bat Pony

    So, yeah, the Storm King lied when he said he’d fix Tempest’s horn once he stole the Princesses’ magic. Not surprising, lying is what bad guys do; but could he have fixed it?

    Think about it: It’s never stated that the Storm King couldn’t fix Tempest’s horn, he just chose not to because he was a jerk. And, since his magic was really just the culmination of Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Twilight’s magic, is it possible that the Princesses can fix her horn? I mean, we’ve seen that Celestia alone can magically grant a pony wings. Can she or any other Princess do the same thing but with unicorn horns, or would it be too tricky like trying to fix manes?

    Personally, I think Tempest is great as she is, broken horn and all. But it would be interesting to see what she could do with a full-fledged horn, don’t you think?

    Scootaloo’s Mother is Spitfire?
    By: Brony250

    I know this is a bit of a stretch but I do believe that there is a possibility that Spitfire is actually Scootaloo’s mother. From what we have gathered the reason that we have never seen Scootaloo’s parents is that they are always busy and how busy can you be if your captain of the Wonderbolts!? Now you’re probably asking if Spitfire was Scootaloo’s mom why didn’t she acknowledge her at the start of “Newbie Dash” as well as calling her “kid”? Well, I have a theory on that which could possibly lead to an actual episode of the show.

    The reason I believe comes down to… secrecy! What do I mean by that? Well suppose that Scootaloo believes that everypony finds out that her own mother was the captain of the Wonderbolts would she truly have real friends and not just fans wanting to meet their idol? This would explain why Scootaloo would be living in Ponyville with other relatives as shown the Ponyville Mysteries book she would want to live like any other filly in town and be treated as one without the worry that her school friends would only want to be friends with her because of Spitfire.