• Discussion: The "Art of My Little Pony" Had Other Movie Ideas. What Do You Want to See?

    With the movie breaking 50 million in box office worldwide, and an easy pickup for moms wandering around stores looking for stocking stuffers, the My Little Pony Movie is definitely profitable. This means we have a good chance at a second one, or at least extended directors cuts that add scenes we missed.

    The "Art of Little Pony: The Movie" book revealed a few different storylines and side-quests that were brought and cut from the first movie. Some of these could easily be rolled into their own feature film, while others just sound like really interesting ways to make the world more lively.

    Below the break, I've dropped the list. Which one do you think has the most potential? Would you be able to transform any into their own movie?

    • -Celestia’s brother ‘Cosmos’ serving as the antagonist.
    • -A prologue of the Storm King’s forces conquering the Arimaspi before turning to Equestria.
    • -A prologue where Tempest and the Storm King steal the Staff of Sacanas from Tirek’s brother Scorpan.
    • -The Ponies travel through a gigantic, over-sized forest on their way to Klugetown.
    • -Klugetown is built within the skeleton of a giant dragon as miners dig its colossal gemstone heart.
    • -The Ponies run afoul of mud trolls after escaping the Pirates’ ship.
    • -Fluttershy befriends sea creatures in a seapony prison.
    • -Applejack convinces Queen Nova and the Hippogriff to stop hiding and join the fight.
    • -The Staff of Sacanas originates from the Tree of Harmony.
    • -The Ponies get new powered, special forms from the magic released by the staff for the final fight with the Storm King.
    Thanks to Harwick for the suggestion!