• Community Soapbox #59 - Dark Colored Villains, YES to Sunset in FiM, Shadow Play Vs. OOT, and More!

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    • In Defense of Reformed Villains
    • What Sunset Could Bring to FIM
    • Shadow Play is Watered Down Ocarina of Time
    • Twilight and Spike Episode

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    In Defense of Reformed Villains
    By: AspieFluttershy

    While I do believe that there needs to be a bit more variety in MLP villains and their reformation, I don't think this plot should ever go away. It's at the core of what makes MLP such a great show, that no matter what bad things someone has done they can always be given a second chance. Of course it's not always going to work out in reality. There are people who legitimately will never change. And we've had villains like Tirek, Sombra, and Chrysalis who will probably never be reformed. But even with them, the mane 6 didn't really hold any grudges or swear revenge. Twilight held a grudge against Trixie, but in the end she learned she was wrong to do so. Nowadays in the real world there seems to be a trend of judging people by their past, especially with the Internet being an archive of all of our mistakes and outdated opinions. MLP and shows like it could help teach children (and open-minded adults) that forgiveness is not childish. It's a sign of kindness, but also of good leadership and diplomacy, which is something we sorely need.

    What Sunset could bring to the table if she was put into FiM
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    There’s more to Sunset than the bridges that she has burned and can rebuild with Celestia. With Shimmy being a link between human and equine worlds, I think there is a role that only she can be allowed to have, if ever she’s utilized properly in the FiM series. First, there’s the issue of doing something Starswirl himself couldn’t do, and reforming/befriending the Sirens, guiding them back to Equestria and having them live amongst the Changelings, who were similar in nature. The removal of magic out of the human world as it once was, and closing the portal, but keeping a link to her friends is also important. Having Sunset develop something science-related, like an app that allows her to store the magic of her friend’s geodes to ‘call’ them from the pony world, or use them to power herself up with the friendship stored within them from the app would be innovative new science-based-magic for Equestria. Also, giving her the role of friendship ambassador to other worlds (after stabilizing the instability between dimensions and prolonged exposure) would keep her busy and add alien allies to Equestria, while the mane 6 make allies on a smaller scale with the map.

    Shadow Play is a Water Downed Ocarina of Time'
    By: Storm Chaser

    I want to outright say that I do not dislike Shadow Play. In fact, I find that the world building leading up to the finale was great, what with exploring new locations and cultures, the parallels between the original and modern elements, myths and lore, and character developments on several ponies, both underappreciated and desired. Especially if you play Tails of Equestria, this is a DM's dream!

    That said, while I was watching Shadow Play, there was a persistent feeling that I've seen and experienced this adventure before. Then it hit me: I just watched Ocarina of Time: My Little Pony Edition without the payoff.

    Consider this: the Pillars, who represent the best of us, face the forces of evil. Their descendants and Starlight Glimmer take up the mantle to defend these six ideals and the power of friendship. Substitute the Pillars with the Sages, Starlight Glimmer with Link (Season 5 Hero of Time anyone?), Elements of Harmony with their medallions, and friendship with the Triforce and you have almost a mirror of Ocarina of Time.

    Even the plot is strikingly similar: Starlight brings together the pillars and gathering relics to defeat the Shadow Pony. Substitute the appropriate Zelda elements and you have Ocarina of Time.

    However, unlike the iconic Zelda title, the payoff was not nearly as grand. The Pony of Shadows never truly felt like a threat, even in his own domain, the Mane 6 went well along with the idea of sacrificing the Tree of Harmony because 'Starswirl Knows Best™' the plothole's surrounding the magical '1000' year mark, wraps up too quickly with the Magic Macguffins™ to mean anything or have an emotional, lasting impact, and, most importantly, because it's missing one thing that made Ocarina of Time so grand: The Hero's Journey.

    For an idea that seems to mirror the Hero of Time's journey, I wish that we could have gotten an epic conclusion, not a side quest one.

    Twilight and Spike Episode
    By: Emosite

    Boy, 7 seasons.You might wanna look back and you'll see that we never had an actual Twilight and Spike episode(exclude Owl's Well That Ends Well because that's a Spike episode). An episode that only revolves around these two. I personally think this is an episode that will hit right in the feels to those who adore their relationship.
    It will be very disappointing if we never got one. I mean, just this one episode idea have so much potential.
    The show never really touched how deep the relationship Twilight and Spike has. We always hear the girls say "We love you, Twilight" or "I love you all/girls" but I never heard Twilight and Spike said these words to each other. Hopefully, we'll get an episode where they REALLY touch this subject. Just to hear these two characters say those three cherished words, I know I'll shed a tear.
    "I love you, Spike."
    "Love ya too, Twi."