• Bonus Music #100 - A State Of Sugar Edition!

    We've reached 100 bonus music posts since it swapped over from its previously known form of Music of the Day! To celebrate, we have a themed post with the entirety of this bonus music composed of tunes from the recently released Candy album by A State Of Sugar! It's all electronic this time, but there's a nice mix of heavier electro and dubstep tunes with some lighter hands up and ambient too. Check out all 7 tunes below the break!

    [1] Greyfade - Moribund
    Instrumental - Psytrance
    This pulsating tune from Greyfade has some great energy, and great use of a driving metallic psywave synth that heads the track.

    [2] Violin Melody - Swan
    Instrumental - House
    Violin Melody's house tunes continue to evolve, as does. This track uses soaring and bouncy house vibes to showcase Twilight's transformation through the series, with the physical change of a swan being an analogy for personal growth. 

    [3] BassPon3 - Celestial Rebirth
    Instrumental - Hands Up
    Hands up might not be as popular as it once was, but BassPon3 still evidently knows how to kick it old-school, with this uplifting tune full of uplifting melodies. 

    [4] Viricide Filly - Nightmare World
    Vocal - Experimental House
    Viricide Filly's experimental house music signatures are all here, with some cool vocals combining with a groovy beat to tell a story of inner demons. 

    [5] Brohoof Studios - Rock This
    Instrumental - Dubstep
    The king of this track is undeniably the heavy drops that work as a direct counterpoint to the light melodies inbetween times, as Brohoof Studios showcases some great improvement.

    [6] Light Assassin - Pony Rhythm
    Instrumental - Complextro
    A bouncy beat combines with a nice mixture of sounds in an energetic complextro drop that complements some solid melodies throughout this piece. 

    [7] Zero Chaotic - Despair (feat. Butterflight & Project Mo)))rd)
    Instrumental - Ambient/Orchestral
    The opening track of the ASOS album, this track sets the scene with a dark ambient feel throughout. 

    Not enough pony for you? Open up the treasure chest to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!