• Bonus Music #98 (New Format!)

    We've got a bunch more bonus music here, following on with the new format for these posts! This time around we have a remix of a movie song, some lovely orchestral pieces, and a bunch of electronic goodness. Check them all out below the break!

    [1] FruityFusion - SPELL_FAIL
    Instrumental - Moombahton
    A pretty unique heavy electro piece with plenty of gritty sound design and eerie synth progressions.

    [2] Skelter - Alicorn
    Instrumental - Trap
    A solid trap tune from Skelter, with some nice progressions and good use of percussion. 

    [3] Daniel Ingram - Open Up Your Eyes (One Track Mind Remix)
    Vocal - Electro House
    A melodic yet heavy electro remix, this piece definitely feels a bit like Tombstone's older style at times, but also differentiates itself quite well. 

    [4] LoneBrony - Midnight Dreamscape (feat. JBrony)
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    A soft orchestral piece featuring some lovely piano, and good use of arpeggiated melodies throughout. 

    [5] Koron Korak - You'll Never Die In Our Hearts
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    A pretty solemn orchestral piece that includes some gorgeous violin through the middle. 

    [6] Delta Brony - The Pony Of Shadows Boss Battle Theme
    Instrumental - Orchestral/Soundtrack
    A fast-paced orchestral piece focused on the finale of S7, with rhythmic percussion and a generally heroic feel throughout. 

    [7] FruityFusion - DEADPON3
    Instrumental - Electro House
    A grinding electro house tune inspired by the style of Deadmau5, there's some good use of pony samples and solid synthwork through the track.

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