• Community Soapbox #58 - NO Sunset in FIM, Nudity in MLP, Canon Pinkiedash

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    • Why I think Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash Are Next On The Lesbian Horse Train
    • Celestia is closer to Sunset Shimmer than Twilight
    • Is Stygian the Counterpart of Spike or Starlight?
    • Nudity Norms in MLP
    • Keep Sunset out of FIM

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    Why I think Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash Are Next On The Lesbian Horse Train
    By: Rebecca Sugar

    Now that Scootaloo’s Aunts have opened the door for lesbian midget horses I gotta that the only pair of non background ponies(looking at you Lyrabon, Vinyltavia and Minuette X Berry Punch) I really expect to get all Utena with each other are Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, For a few reasons like how Pinkie isn’t just emotionally attached but emotionally dependent Rainbow Dash and how after years of next to nothing between them, how they have the most “Les Yay” of the whole cast(That picture is a completely unedited screencap) and season 7 features a large focus on their relationship in what i think is a primer for their relationship advancing during an increasingly progressive age in pony, the two are already written like a co-dependent couple in episodes like Wonderbolt Academy and 28 Pranks Later so if this did happen it essentially be an extension of their dynamic in those episodes.

    Alternatively Rainbow Dash will wind up with Apple Cider (http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Apple_Cider) for obvious reasons.

    Celestia is closer to Sunset Shimmer than Twilight
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Across various mediums, we’ve seen situations where Celestia had to part in excruciating ways to those she holds most dear. In the IDW comic “Reflections” arc, it was her lover, King Sombra, her mentor, Starswirl; before season 1, it was her sister; in “The Fall of Sunset Shimmer”, it was her beloved but unfaithful student- a student that I think is much closer to her heart than Twilight. That’s not to say she doesn’t care for Twilight, since we see Celestia fretting over sending her away to learn friendship lessons, in “Celestial Advice”. But the way Celestia looks at a tapestry of when she banished her sister (TFoSS), and compares that to her losing Sunset, as “one of the biggest mistakes of her life”, is telling. As is her decision to keep the mirror in the throne room of her castle, as a reminder. She holds out hope that Sunset will someday return- long before she took Twilight as her student, and many years after Twilight becomes an adult and a princess. So too are Celestia's words when Twilight returns back without Sunset in EG’s first movie “Sunset Shimmer is she alright?”- yet not asking how Twilight was.

    Is Stygian the Counterpart of Spike or Starlight?
    By: MegaSean45

    It's been 2-3 weeks, so I think I'm safe to talk about this now. If you haven't seen the S7 finale, please avoid this post, brah. ;)

    So each of the Mane Six has a legend as shown in the finale, but there are some, myself included, who think Stygian has a counterpart to a main character as well! Either being Starlight or Spike, to be exact! Stygian has common traits to BOTH of these characters, brahs! :O

    As we know, he shares traits to Starlight because he's a pony who wants to do great things with their friends, in Stygian's case the legends, and Starlight's case Sunburst! However, one friend gets popular and goes out to do great things, while the other doesn't get noticed by anypony and turns into a villain!

    Stygian is also like Spike because he's very helpful towards the Mane Six like Stygian is to the legends, but both of them are pretty much unsung heroes who sometimes feel left out and outsiders to their group, and both have inner monsters. At least Spike does a better job controlling his desires and doesn't ask for much.

    It could be either of them! Most say Starlight, and knowing the writers, they'd probably go the Starlight route, but anything's possible! Maybe Spike will finally get his BIG season! Only time will tell! :D

    Keep Sunset out of FIM
    By: WanderPony

    Thanks to the sirens making a brief appearance in Shadow Play, people have been using that as evidence that Equestria Girls is canon, and that Sunset WILL appear in the show after all.

    The thing is, the sirens' cameo was just that: a cameo. If you hadn't seen Rainbow Rocks, they would've just been a bunch of random monsters Starswirl defeated long ago.

    A story that requires you to read/watch supplementary material to understand it is a terrible story in my opinion. What makes MLP great is that while it will throw in references to material like books and comics, you don't HAVE to have read them to understand the show. The episodes can still be enjoyed on their own.

    Believe it or not, there are plenty of bronies who don't watch Equestria Girls and aren't fans. Imagine how confusing it would be to these people it would be if there was a Sunset episode in FIM.

    I'm not against the idea of Sunset getting a small cameo, like maybe in a class photo or something like that. But a full episode focusing on her would be a bad idea if you ask me.

    Nudity Norms in MLP
    By: Booksmart

    Shall I be divulgatory? : MLP :FIM definitely has in a way in a-semi- naturalist / naturalist culture. ,as well some "cheeky"'nudity taboo jokes. From Rainbow Dash swatting Para sprites censoring her invisible mare bits and not knowing about Fashion or clothes , Fluttershy and Sunburst being bashful in bed, to Rarity being super conscious with clothing, Starlight Glimmer abashed by Spike in a towel, the list goes on! So what is truly true nudism to you? Striping your pants like Sponge Bob Square pants, Fur Shaved off?Perhaps a certain dragon assistant getting his Scales removed? Some People think nudism might be embarrassing, but in some cultures from European County Greece ( maybe Rainbow Dash is actually on modest on not having clothes for being a speedster as well as my Girl Twilight Sparkle proving that you don't need need britches to be smart) to Africa, ( You don't see Zecora ) ,nudism in a way symbolizes modesty, honesty, confidence , inner and outer beauty,revelations of our inner thoughts and of course, relief. Even in The Bible quotes: "After heard of those reports he got up and tore his robe. He shaved his head . Then he fell to the ground and worshiped the Lord. He said." I was born naked. And I'll leave here naked. You have given and you taken away may your name be praised." So I salute my equines brothers and salute for their naturalistic and spiritual nakedness.So unzip and strip your ,feelings ,every pony! and that, my friends is the mare naked truth! ;D