• From Bonus Music to Better Music - Changes to EQD Music System

    Hey guys! Just thought I'd give a bit of an update on a few changes to the way the EQD music posts will work going forward. There won't be much of a change to the way the main music posts are done, but we're overhauling the way the bonus music system will work to make it of higher quality and more interesting for you guys so that hopefully it's more useful for you all to check out. You can find a full explanation of the changes below the break!

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    Basically myself and the rest of the team (that's right, it's not just me!) who work on the music side of things for EQD have noticed that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest in the bonus music posts recently, and in general they've been slowing down in popularly. One of the main reasons we believe this to be because of is just how variable the quality of the music in the posts can tend to be, and also because a big dump every now and then of a whole bunch of music isn't especially accessible to people who aren't of the 'absorb everything pony' mindset!

    We're committed to making the system work as best we can to give you guys the best music, and showcase everything the fandom has to offer, so we're streamlining the posting process to make it less overwhelming for people in the hopes that maybe a few more of you will venture to and beyond the main music posts. We aren't really going to change the way the main posts are put together, and whilst we're going to be more mindful of the quality threshold for these posts, we're not going to up the bar too much in that respect.

    Bonus music, however, is going to undergo a total overhaul. Instead of Sethisto posting a big bunch of tracks I send him every now and then, they're going to be a lot smaller (think like 5-8 songs in most cases) and a bit more regular (depending on the volume of tracks to be posted obviously). They're also going to have a little bit of a description for each track, just so you know what you'll be going into, though these descriptions won't be as big as the ones for the main music posts. Hopefully that flavour will make them a bit more appealing!

    We're also going to be increasing the quality standard for these posts quite a bit, so that there's less of a gap in quality between the best and worst of bonus. Obviously the quality of the music is subjective to an extent, and we know there are a bunch of you awesome people who still like to be able to listen to everything, so we'll be including a spreadsheet of stuff that didn't make it at the bottom of these posts for you to check out if you want an extra dose of pony!

    To the musicians, I would say there's no need to worry about any of this, and just keep striving to bring pony to life as best you can! If your music isn't being featured, that's possibly a sign that you need to keep working on the quality of your music, so consider it a bit of a challenge to improve yourselves some more. EQD's promotion is an awesome thing, but it's best not to take it for granted so a bit of an extra incentive to be the best you can is no bad thing (and sorry if the post title offends anyone, I had to think of something catchy!).

    So that's about it for explaining how it'll work, but feel free to ask if there are any questions you might have and I'll try to respond to them if I can!