• MLP cast & crew join Peter New's charity stream Saturday!

    We've got an update for the Peter New Charity Stream happening on Saturday! Apparently a number of the MLP crew are going to be joining him including Ashleigh Ball, Vincent Tong and more!

    If you're thinking of joining in order to help out Puerto Rico and Vegas, please check on after the break.

    (We previously covered this stream back when it was just Peter at https://www.equestriadaily.com/2017/10/peter-new-gaming-charity-stream-this.html)

    Great news for fans of pony charity events, video games (Overwatch!), and watching Peter New try to play an FPS: Peter's charity stream tomorrow has five new celebrity guests! Joining Peter New in the room as he fights (literally) his way through learning Overwatch will be Ashleigh Ball, Bill Newton, Claire Corlett, Jim Miller, and Vincent Tong! Plus, during the stream, you'll have the opportunity to snag some awesome pony art (and even custom wooden etched Big Mac poker chips) while donating to the Las Vegas Victims Fund (for survivors of the recent Vegas attacks) and the Hispanic Federation (for victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico). Tune in at 11AM Pacific/2PM Eastern, and get details at http://greymare.net/prvegas Be sure to be there a little early so you can get into the stream chat room!

    Twitter: Calpain