• My Little Pony Movie Scores an A- With CinemaScore, $3 Million Friday

    As the weekend begins we have some more news on how the movie itself is doing that you all might be interested in! According to BoxOfficeMojo, the MLP Movie has received an A- CinemaScore! If you haven't heard of CinemaScore this is good news as the polling agency asks moviegoers directly how they would score the film so this means that audiences liked it.

    In other news, Friday box office estimates are in with the Movie coming in 3rd place with just shy of $3 million. This sets it on track to break BoxOfficeMojo's estimate it couldn't make over $9 million, but comes on the low end of predictions we posted yesterday. After this weekend we'll have to see how it holds up during the week and, more importantly, in its second weekend after I assume most of us have seen it (I know I went to see it yesterday).

    BoxOfficeMojo Article

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