• World Wide MLP Movie News Part 3 - Ticket Sales, Events, and More!

    With the movie less than a week away in the USA and already airing all over the place tomorrow for several countries, we probably won't get too much more flooding of minor news. This compilation does cover some interesting things for anyone looking to hit up Toys R' Us, Mexico, or buy tickets in general though.

    If you missed the first two posts in this seres, have some links:

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    Voice Actors Join in For German Premiere

    The german actors behind the My Little Pony movie are going to hit up a theater and check out the movie with everyone. More info on this tweet if you speak German. Event happens in Berlin on the 3rd.

    Mexican Cinepolis Early Screenings and Popcorn Bowl

    Cinepolis in Mexico gets the movie on the 1st of October, complete with the popcorn bowl above if you want to buy one.

    Toys R' Us Movie HQ Friendship Festival Event on the 14th of October

    It looks like Toys R' Us has an eventr planned for the 14th of October. Check out their website for infos.

    Jayson Thiessen Recommends Filmraiser

    Filmraiser has My Little Pony movie tickets up for grabs, where $1.00 of your price goes toward fundraisers for schools. Get the tickets over here.

    Thanks to Miak, La Pared, Shadowsong, Raritymlp, and Jason for sending it.