• Community Soapbox #48 - Antithesis for Flutters, MLP Movie PG Rating, Twilacorn 2017, and More!

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    Antithesis Enemies for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie
    Why We Shouldn't Have A "Community"
    The MLP Movie and its PG Rating
    Wonderbolt Titles
    The Angst Surrounding Twilicorn has its Origins in Trauma

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    The Angst Surrounding Twilicorn has its Origins in Trauma
    By: Alyahuman

    From the moment Twilight ascended, we have seen a number of arguments against it - Originally, many stated Twilight will "outlive her friends", that her ascention and subsequent agelessness being encouraged by Celestia was immoral.

    This "pro-aging trance" as some call it, fueled some of the fires surrounding Twilicorn, and can explain part of the dramatic reaction. The fear of aging and death is a powerful instinct in our minds, and so we attempt to explain this inescapable horror away as a "positive" thing, despite the massive costs associated (both on a financial level, and on a human level), so that we do not feel compelled to face it.

    By avoiding aging, Twilight avoids all of the weaknesses associated with aging. Many researchers have said it is impossible to deal with these diseases of aging without targeting aging itself - indeed, the Hallmarks of Aging paper (very reputable) shows how our knowledge of aging has progressed, and we're already 'alicornifying' lab animals (6x lifespan in some worms, for instance).

    Twilight would not outlive her friends. She would save them. If you consider EqG canon, as soon as we develop it, she could steal the technology to save her friends as well.

    Wonderbolt Titles
    By: Feather Data

    If you remember in "Testing, Testing, 1 2 3." You may have heard some of the Wonderbolts have titles, such as Commander Easyglider, Colonel Purple Dart, etc. Are there any Wonderbolts today that have their own official titles? Spitfire would obviously have the title, "Captain", since she is the captain of the Wonderbolts, but what about Soarin' and the other Wonderbolts? I guess Soarin' would be a Lieutenant, and Rainbow Dash a Private. I do not know about the other Wonderbolts, though. In fact, none of them look like they are Generals or Colonels, and since we heard ponies in the Wonderbolts history did have some of those titles, who holds those titles today?

    So for now: the Wonderbolts Ranks I will put in, there will be a lot of room for you to come up with your own theories.

    So far we have
    Spitfire - Captain
    Soarin' - No known title (maybe Lieutenant)
    Rainbow - No known title (maybe Private)
    Blaze - No known title
    Fleetfoot - No known title (possibly Lieutenant)
    Surprise - No known title

    The MLP Movie and its PG Rating
    By: Felix

    It sure seems like a lot of you were shocked to see the movie get a PG rating. To be fair, it's the kind of series you think would get a G rating, but some recent news suggests why we got it.

    The Lego Ninjago Movie just received a PG rating itself, for mild action and rude(read: probably toilet) humor. That's a movie that looks like it will have some good old fight scenes that won't get too gruesome, and we did see Tempest bodyslam a fish person in the trailer...

    Given that recent example, maybe we'll have some mild fight scenes of our own. Who knows. With all we know about the movie, is it THAT much of a stretch to see a fight on the level of Twilight vs. Tirek happen in the movie?

    Why We Shouldn't Have A "Community"
    By: Nick and Sam

    Internet communities are really unnecessary things that only have bad effects like flame wars, spreading bad ideas, causing strife and misconceptions, endless complaining, community personalities developing huge egos or people trying to be critical of things that don't need criticism and negative effects on the things they are centered around. All for What? so we can fake-socialize and be attacked by nameless/faceless people on the internet? not worth it if you ask me. The show itself has called out the community twice for whining about nothing and the pathetic nature of fan culture and the meaningless lives of those devoted to it. Communities are nothing but harmful to everyone involved and never produce anything of worth, only bad ideas and people whining about nothing. I'm sick of it, mlp:fim is a children's show that shouldn't be involved with a single thing associated with the community be it critics, cosplayers, drama or any of the fan products that only detract from the series, both financially and damaging it's brand. it's all hurting more than helping.

    Antítesis Enemies for Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie
    By: Booksmart

    With every hero there is also a arch enemy , a menace of me-tooism if you will. A dark mirror reflection of the good guys 's morals and abilities. Rainbow Dash has rivalry with Lightning Dust, Rarity, with Suri Polomare, Applejack with The Flim Flam Brothers , And my girl Twilght Sparkle has had past rivalries with Trixie, Sunset Shimmer ,and Starlight Glimmer, as well as future enemies such as Shadowlock and Tempest Shadow. Even Spike The Dragon has a rival in Garble! But there are two ponies who yet to meet their matches: shy , soft-spoken and kind Fluttershy and Extra -enthusiastic , humorous and party-loving Pinkie Pie. So what if Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie actually meet their evil polar opposites. Think about it: What if There is a pony that who has Fluttershy's abilities with animals and nature , but unlike Fluttershy, Succumbed to the anger from his/her bullies and seeks revenge by using his /her animals to commits Crimes As For Pinkie Pie, Maybe a pony who has party planning abilities , but when her/his family doesn't approve and his her aspiration as well as ponies mocking and ridiculing said pony, causes his /her to turn into a vengeful prankster! Not only it helps Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie develop character growth by facing their foes on not just their abilities, but also their moralities as well by reforming them as well as sympathizes with them as well! Perhaps Fluttershy and Pinkie will face their future arch foes in season 7 or maybe season 8! Here hoping!